June 2, 2008

bullitt's deals - bermuda shorts

Hello, Bullitt here. :)

It's getting really hot around here, at least in my house... and while there is not much I can do to cool off, except surrender to the Spender that has been trying to shave me off for two days straight now...

You, instead, have many options!

My favorite this week is the bermuda option! And here below is a look that I am really liking right now. This will work great for a casual Friday at the office, or anytime you want to feel cool and comfortable.

While I leave building the whole outfit up to you, these are the deals on bermuda shorts I've found around:


Anonymous said...

The clothes are clean and lovely. I like the classy look. Where do you buy them? Some of them remind me of clothing from Eddie Bauer's website. (from which I have ordered for the past God only knows how many years, due to a dislike, even fear of shopping. All the stuff in a large mall just overwhelms me! Clothes, purses, shoes everywhere in overabundance!

I am happy to say I left the website world and walked into a Coach store today and saw many of the items that were featured in your blog.

In my profession being a fashionista would be inappropriate. A more austere style of dress is necessary. However your blog allows me to live vicariously. It also gave me the nerve, even liking to be a fashionista on my own time. One step at a time.

Anonymous said...


I'm wearing a beige-colored small brimmed, fancy cloche hat along with a silk gown to a wedding. Would this be too much? I don't want to distract the attention from the bride. That would be the ultimate faux pas. What color shoes should I wear? I don't like (hate) shopping for shoes. I do have a wedge that matches the color of the gown but may be too informal.

Or this:

A very nice fushia hat (no embellishments) and a nice summer dress based in light yellow with some fushia florals that match the color of the hat. Same question goes for the shoes. My guess is you will recommend I purchase new matching high heeled shoes for either get up I select. Which outfit do you recommend?

I'll happily accept suggestions from not only the Spender but from anyone who care to comment. Thank you all beforehand.


NY Spender said...

Hi Daisy,
most of the time, if you see a name and a price for an item on this blog, if you click on the item's name, it will take you to the online store where the item is sold.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look fashionable, and with being aware that not everything you wear will be equally flattering.

You can also be a fashionista without having to spend a lot of money. And even austere can be fashionable. Fashionista is a choice, not necessarily a look. :)

As for the wedding, I like the second outfit better. It looks like you would be more comfortable in it, anyway. I would wear a pair of neutral/natural colored shoes (I think the wedge you mentioned are beige?). Or light yellow.

You can also match a small clutch to the shoes or to the hat.

Dee said...

Daisy, like Spender, I like the second outfit better.

I don't agree with her on the shoes, though... I would wear silver heels, but that's just me and my weird sense of style :)

I'm sure you will look great in anything! Don't forget to have fun :)

Dee said...

May I even suggest two choices?

You can go here:


And here:


Just copy and paste the address into your address bar.

plumjewels said...

I like the 2nd outfit, Daisy - sounds more summery and very pretty!

These knickers are very cute. Do you think that they could be worn with flats/low heels? I don't do well with heels. Yes, sadly, that's why I had to turn down a role in S&C ;-)

Anonymous said...

NYSpender, I am now a fashionista in the making. This makes things more interesting and fun. The suggestion of wearing the beige wedge makes sense practically.

I also like Dee's suggestion of a pair of silver heels. In fact, I look up the two websites featuring silver shoes and especially enjoyed two pairs of shoes in both websites. Still have some time to decide.
As for the main event, the outfit, I agree with NYSpender, Dee, and PlumJewels' choice of the summer dress and matching hat. It's more fitting for the occasion. I will wear it like a lady. The first outfit is nice, but too dressy. Maybe I'll wear the silk gown-dress, minus the hat to a play or a concert. If I wore the ribboned and flowered hat the audience members sitting behind me would likely "escort" me out the door.

Thank you all for being generous to share your thougts.

BTW, I'd watch all episodes of all shows that feature PlumJewels. Maybe we can all star in our own show. I will name it "Fashionistas Online: Sexy but Nice, Sugar and Spice." Starring NYSpender as Sexy, Daisy as Nice, Dee as Sugar, and PlumJewels as Spice.


NY Spender said...

sure, you can wear them with low-heels.
what can I say? You crack me up! lol

And I like the show idea, now I have to work harder on my body... ;)

plumjewels said...

Daisy you are too funny! But I don't know how "spicy" I am! LOL

You have all inspired me.

Truth of the matter, I've been a bad fashionista-in-training lately, hiding in sweats and tee. Today I'm feeling strong enough to run a few errands - and I will dress up, put on make-up and a big smile, grab a great bag and give it my all.

NY Spender said...

Yay! Plum is feeling better! :)

Anonymous said...

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