June 26, 2008

fashion disaster - window treatment

I hate always being the bad guy, but I am surrounded by people that are just begging to be NY Spender's guest stars!

Enter the lady with the interesting top and the rain boots in June.

I understand it rained today... for like 5 minutes!

During these quick summer showers, there really is no need for the rain boots, seriously. Her feet must be boiling!

As for the top, believe it or not, it's a look you can easily recreate at home:

1. Go to your kitchen.
2. Pull a curtain panel off the window.
3. Make two holes for the arms.
4. Use the tie-back to secure the panel around your waist.
5. (Optional) Wear your rain boots and start walking around NY... I will find you! ;)


Dee said...

LOL!! You're mean ;)

NY Spender said...

I try... ;)

Anonymous said...

In all honesty, the top isn't that bad but the boots are.

Anonymous said...

The top fits the season, light. The boots were an overkill. An umbrella would've been enough.

Milly said...

Hilarious!!! but a bit mean
i actually like the rain boots but not for this hot ass weather...i just carry an umbrella.

Anonymous said...

I actually have a top that's similar to this one (only shorter) and I pair it with capris and wedges. I hope I'm not too tacky!