June 3, 2008

Lusting after a Coach Bag

When you start hiding your handbag purchases from your closest ones (even your readers!), then you might have a problem. Or you're just a Spender! ;)

Remember the big Coach bag I'm lusting after?

This one right here?

Well, I never got around telling you the whole story behind it.

The day I walked in that Coach store, I was actually looking for a wristlet, or anything small for when I want to carry as little as possible (some cash, keys and the crackberry).

That's when I saw this big beautiful bag. And I got somewhat sidetracked.

But I kept telling myself that I needed a small bag, not a big one. And in the end, I was able to put the big bag down, and focus on a small one.

That day I did buy a Coach wristlet.

This one. And I love it.

Hampton Signature Tote Capacity Wristlet $98.00

It's small and cute. It's even lined in pink! :)

The handle can stay all on one side so you can slip your hand through it and carry it as a wristlet, or you can hook the handle to the other side of the bag and wear it on your shoulder.

But I digress.

Because I had just bought this wristlet, it made it even harder to justify buying another bag right after it.

Especially when I tell you that I had bought yet another handbag just 5 days before (post coming soon).

So, it shouldn't come as a surprise when I tell you that I still haven't bought the big Coach bag, even though I am still drooling over it.

Where is that stimulus check when I really need it!?!?


plumjewels said...

Cute wristlet! I like that it has about a 2" thickness to it - can comfortably add all you need to and still be able to close it. The flat wristlets are less practical, I think.

Have you ever been to the Coach outlet in Tanger/Riverhead? I've gotten some great deals there! They also have a Kate Spade outlet there. I bought a KS wallet - just fell in love with the color red it came in (plus it had all the slots/pockets I was looking for.)

That $600? Just put it in your IRA ;-)

Samantha Decker said...

I love that wristlet! I saw it in a Coach store and it's on my wishlist right now! Good choice =)

NY Spender said...

Hey Plum, I think I've been, yes. I remember the discount back then was about $50 per bag. But this was years ago. I should go take a look.

As for the stimulus, we're supposed to help the economy, so I will purchase a bag and probably a ring. My IRA doesn't need to know about this... ;)

Hi Samantha,
get it, it's adorable! And it comes in so many different colors.

Dee said...

I don't really like Coach bags in general... Not the logo handbags anyway. And I would never buy it for $600.