July 8, 2008

Bath & Body Works Anti-bacterial Soap

Is a hand soap really a beauty product? Of course it is. Especially if it's one from Bath & Body Works.

I love these anti-bacterial deep-cleansing soaps!

If you have not tried them yet, you don't know what you are missing: tons of different scents, enough to satisfy pretty much everybody, a long-lasting product, very affordable prices and did I mention the tons of different scents???

I would like to try them all, in order to complete my love it, hate it, tolerate it list.


Moonlight Path

Probably my favorite one.

I also use the body wash. It smells like musk, and I love musk!

Cherry Blossom

My second best.

It's a delicate and romantic scent.

Exotic Coconut

I love coconut scent!

Warm Vanilla Sugar

If you like vanilla scents this one is for you.

It smells so good you'll want to eat it!

Kitchen Herb

Simply the best kitchen scent!

It's minty and refreshing and it smells great!


Country Apple

Not a big fan of this one. I used the whole bottle which means I didn't hate it, but the scent is too faint for my taste.

I also know someone that loves it, so don't just go by me. Try it for yourself.

Cotton Blossom
I usually use separate scents for the bathroom and for the kitchen, and this one never seemed to fit right anywhere: too laundry-like for the kitchen, and not sexy enough for the bathroom.

Kitchen Lemon

Second choice for the kitchen when Kitchen Herbs is not available

Sensual Amber

A little too intoxicating for a casual soap.

It reminds me of the perfume Opium.


Sweet Pea

I know many people that love this one, but for some reason I don't like it at all...

Japanese Cherry Blossom

This is what happens when you mess with perfection! Cherry Blossom scent is just fine as it is.

Feel free to share any of the other scents you have tried. I really am trying to complete the set. The only problem I have is that when I buy the 3 for $10, I always end up getting at least two of my favorite ones, and one new one. If the folks at Bath & Body Works would like me to complete this list in a speedier manner, they can send over the scents missing and I'll be more than happy to report back my findings! ;)


Anonymous said...

I was so disappointed with their sweet pea scent. Sweet peas are my favorite flower, partly because of their scent, so I was really excited when they came out with it, but it smells nothing like sweet peas. :/ It just smells sweet and sugary. I'm curious about that Kitchen scent! I haven't been by B&BW in a while!

Sarah at Starlight Radiance said...

Haha, we're total opposites! I love the sweet pea and absolutely hate moonlight path.

Emilita said...

Midnight Pomegranate. I just got this in the body wash and it smells surprisingly good - better than it did when I awkwardly tried to sniff it in the store from the tube. I don't have the soap but I got my friend the antibacterial lotion, which is nice without being too overpowering.

I really like warm vanilla sugar too.

You make me want to blog about Bath and Body Works products...everytime I go in there it's like an adventure/attack on my senses...

Carletta said...

It's funny how different people's tastes can be. I like cotton blossom and hate moonlight path!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they discontinued the Kitchen Herb scent. Argh!!!!