July 7, 2008

bullitt's deals - bikinis

Hi, this is Bullitt and what you are about to see might not be the highlight of my cat modeling career, but I hope you'll enjoy it.

So this past Sunday the Spender was like "Bullitt come here, look what I got for you!" And without asking for my opinion, she proceeded on putting a bikini top on me!

At first I was a bit confused, because even though I can't technically prove it anymore, I know I am a male cat!

After much begging, I agreed to have her take my picture with the bikini top on as long as I didn't have to show my face.

Problem is she didn't like this pose. She said it made me look fat! The nerve!

In order to end the drama, I tried to give her my sexiest pose... and I think she was finally satisfied! (I am too sexy for my fur... too sexy for my fur... too sexy, yeah!)

But enough about me.

You need to get a bikini now because they are all selling out. And because I had to wear a sexy bikini, now you get to buy one too. Think of it as your final motivation for your last month of the Bikini Club. ;)

Without further interruptions, here are my sexy bikini choices of the day:

Victoria's Secret Boho Print Bikini $42

Victoria's Secret Ombré Bikini $56

Victoria's Secret Paisley Print Bikini $52

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bullitt is too adorable. The shot of him averting his face is hilarious. As for the bikinis, they look perfect for the weather these days. I like the white swimsuit that was sexy and elegant.