July 11, 2008

i like my new noisy bracelet

If you are looking for a fun new bracelet, look no further.

This Beatnik bracelet from Twisted Silver is my newest cutest thing!

I don't wear bracelets often because they get in the way of typing and stuff, but at the same time I've always been fascinated by those big chunky bracelets that make a lot of noise.

Well, since this Beatnik looked like one of those bracelets, I needed to have it. And I was right: it does make a lot of noise! :)

It's chunky but light in weight, and I just love the noise it makes when I move my arm, or when it hits the desk while I type and it sounds like quarter coins dancing on the wood (If you like to gamble, you should like this bracelet)!

What is it with me and the noise? I don't know... I just find it very feminine.

If you want to make some noise, too, check out the Beatnik over at Twisted Silver.


Daisy said...

Pardon me for my occsaional misspellings.And slightly annoyed mood. I just went to the dentist for 3 root canal. It was an ordea.

NYSpener, I think the bracelet you showed makes a statement. I have never been much impressed by designer brands, as I feel they are out of touch with their targets (People like you and me.) It is marvelous that we can gradually learn our own sense of style and beauty and not be enslaved by so called experts whose only purpose is to ingrain the average woman feel for the purpose of makimg the women feel as ugly as possible and seeking to purchase more of their dubious beauty enhancers. The more these beauty industry complex make you feel indaequate, the more money goes into their lavish lifestyles. Dear Ladies, you don't want to fall for such an obvious and skanky-bitch tricks. You are too intelligent for sich self serving nonsense.

mannequin said...

It IS a very nice bracelet and I know exactly what you mean by the clinking sounding feminine. When I was little, my aunt with a beehive always wore charm bracelets and she could tell the story of each charm. Oh, how I loved to hear her bracelets jingle jangle.

I have coveted a Tiffany's toggle charm for quite awhile. I didn't get that one but did manage to secure myself a jingly jangle charm
We are just the cats meow, no?
Enjoy your lovely noisy bracelet!

Daisys said...

Dear NYSpender,

I believe your bracelet is to my likeing. It is cute, youthful, and a pleasure to the. I love the sounds the bracelets make, the sounds cound hittig wood. As long as it does not disturb colleagues, I see nothing wrong. I like the bracelet too.

Daisy said...

I like youe Brcelet. It is adoralable, unconconvential quality. It also has plenty or a rengagad quality to it. I like it very much. It is my style. Enjoy it and may it bring you fortune, joy, and personal fullfillment.


Daisys said...

I had three root canals in one afternoon. That witchdoctor reminds me of Lawerence Olivier torturing Dustin Hoffman in "Marathon Man." It will be awhile, if ever before I set foot in that sadist's office again. Since I'm on a roll with dental horror tales, I had four wisdom pulled at the same time at age 17.

A daughter of a prominent businessman died from the procedure recently, and I carefully questioned the male dentist about this. He reasurred me and put me to Disneyland. The trouble was, I woke UP in the middle of the procedure! With two imposing guys yanking at my four teeth! While I felt no pain, except the idea of two men yanking and pulling at my teeth with all their strength was a holy terror, so it was. Thank God the far more considerate female anesthesiologist gave me something to calm down.

I was woozy all the way home, all long afterwards. I couldn't read my book but still managed get post on NY Spender. My face in swollen like a balloon and muilticolored to boot. The Pain meds will still make me woozy. I don't want to stop posting for the next two weeks so pardon any typos.

I do regret the work I will be missing in the next two weeks, but I have to take it easy.

I was so groggy afterwards.