July 9, 2008

rules and regulations of ankle bracelets

So you want to wear an ankle bracelet this summer? Sure, why not?

I like ankle bracelets, even if I don't usually wear one regularly.

I like the whole theory behind it that if you wear it on your right ankle it means you are sentimentally "taken", while if you wear it on your left ankle it means you are "single". I am all for facilitating communication.

What about a woman that wears one on each ankle? Easy! It means "married and looking" ;)

I like wearing the anklet in the summer, with perfectly tanned and toned legs... as I was saying, I don't wear one often.

But I am planning on changing that, in fact, I will start looking for a pretty ankle bracelet to wear during these hot weekends... and I say weekends because I think there are some rules that should be followed in order to avoid an anklet fashion faux pas.

1) The ankle bracelet has a flirty and sexy connotation, so it's a bit tacky to wear one in an office environment that implements business attire. If you work in a tattoo parlor, by any means, you can keep wearing it.

2) There is an age limit. It's hard to say when to stop wearing it, but since it's a sexy thing, then maybe you shouldn't wear it anymore after... hmm... say 55-60 years old? I would even say stop at 45 years old. Or you could stop at the same time you stop having sex. I mean what's the point of false advertisement? Comment below if you don't agree.

3) Don't wear it under stockings! It doesn't look right and you'll rip the stockings.

Not really a rule, more of a suggestion:

4) Be creative. We've seen million of plain old Jane anklets. The cute little chain, sometimes with charms.

Try to go for something more fun and different.

I like this idea of stacking many colorful anklets together (try to wear these under stockings!)

Now we're talking summer!

Another idea that I have not really seen anywhere, but that I would like to try is a soft band anklet, preferably in a metallic color like this silver one, unfortunately still attached to a shoe.

And how about you? Will you wear an anklet this summer? Do you think it has a sexy connotation or it's just another piece of jewelry?


Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to wear an ankle bracelet. The strange thing is I have never seen these "anklelets" around. I don't think they are suitable for an office environment. I believe everyone can wear them, regardless of age, if they so desire. I'd love to see an 80 something grandma in a pretty summer dress wearing a simple, pretty silver piece on her ankle.

plumjewels said...

Wow Spender, I disagree with this on so many levels! I hope you don't mind another perspective :-)

1) If I waited until I was tanned and toned to wear jewelry or other pretty things - I would never wear anything! LOL The best I can do is work on the toning (I wear sunscreen and never tan, it's so bad for you!), but I'm not going to let a less than perfect body keep me from wearing pretty things.

2) "The ankle bracelet has a flirty and sexy connotation. . ." I used to believe this also and so shied away from ankle bracelets because that's not how I wanted to come across in public. Then about 6 years ago I went to Hawaii on vacation. There I found ankle bracelets that were made by indigenous craftspeople, with beautiful beads, charms and a definite island feel. I bought several to remind me of my time in paradise. Now I think of an ankle bracelet as just another piece of summer jewelry, no connotation involved.

3) An age limit? Does this mean at some point I also need to give up earrings, necklaces and bracelets? I don't understand the connection between an ankle bracelet and sex. I mean, I won't wear a bikini anymore at my age - but I still wear swimsuits! I think if the ankle bracelet is "age appropriate" it's ok to wear whenever.

4) I do agree - not under stockings and by extension, not in an office. Yikes, what are they thinking?

Thanks for the tip - now I know to wear my ankle bracelet on the right ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love ankle bracelets and I actually like the ones with bells. Mr.Man says they are sexy; I think they're jsut fun.
I think it depends on the ~way~ you wear them, much like anything else. You and I can wear the same accessory and clothing and yet it can give two totally different looks. It's the person behind the accessory, not the accessory.

suzie wuzie said...

i didn't know there was a subtle 'advertising' with which ankle you wear your anklet. when i first got mines, i put it on the right foot, then the left because it was much more comfortable. and i'm not single!

thanks for the enlightenment!

Anonymous said...

On your comments about ankle bracelets. I am 59 and still very sexy.

I wear four gold bracelets. Each more unique than the other. They have ornaments like chinese bells, and tiny heart, and small winged birds.

When I walk they jingle. When I dance they ring. People love, men love them and I love them.

Age has nothing to do with it! It is how you see yourself and how you feel inside.

Sexy Nanna said...

I agree that ankle bracelets have a sexual connotation but who says you have to stop being sexual after a certain age? I also agree that ankle bracelets should not be worn to work but any jewelry can be inappropriate as can any clothing or hair style. Jewelry can be fun, flirty, sexy as well as formal. Please stop putting a limit on us women that are fabulous forties and fifties. Demi Moore, Cher, Madonna and a whole plethora of women forty and over would also have something to say about that remark! Age is a number and yall younger women better be aware of us "cougars." We know more and have better insurance rofl. :)

Sexy Nanna

Anonymous said...

I too disagree with the "sexual connotation", although I don't know the origin. I just think they're lovely when worn tastefully. I've liked them since junior high school when I first saw a young girl wearing one-I told my mom some girl was wearing her bracelet on her ankle, and I was told that my great-grandmother wore them. I don't know what message it sends, but to me pretty dresses, white pumps and an ankle bracelet over the stockings conveys ladylike beauty at its finest.

Daryl - Nylon Stocking Society said...

Thank you for starting this blog. I would like to comment on wearing an ankle bracelet with hosiery.
The first step in wearing an ankle bracelet with hosiery is to find one that is not just smooth on the surface but also on the edges. A good jewelry dealer can explain the different styles (herringbone for example) and tell / show you what works best with hosiery.
As to wearing the ankle bracelet over or under hosiery, the classic look is under the stocking. Now when I say stockings, I am referring to the flat knit, non-stretch nylon stocking that requires a garter belt. This was the only type of nylon stocking during the 40s and into the 50s but are still available today. You can't easily keep an ankle bracelet looking good under the modern stretch hosiery. The ankle bracelet under a flat knit stocking isn’t being compressed so it allows for movement – does not bunch up as it often does when wearing it under modern hosiery. You may get a snag now and then but not very often. You will snag more wearing it over the stocking. The snagging often comes from the pinch between the ankle bracelet and your ankle - the hosiery gets caught in the middle and then can snag the hosiery.

Anonymous said...

You are clueless. The anklet on the RIGHT ankle means you're available, whether married or not. Left ankle is just an ankle. God knows how many little blue haired ladies have been hit on because of your ignorance... Try getting your info right before posting. Bloggers...

Anonymous said...

Correct, right is looking and left is taken.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I would have thought it'd be Left for Taken, right for single. Purely because of wedding ring on the right hand????? I dunno tho I was just trying to find that out lol!

Melanie said...

I wear my ankle bracelets on whichever ankle I feel like wearing them on. I have been wearing them since I was about 10 years old and am now 47. I don't see any reason why anybody should have to stop wearing them at any age. As far as there being a sexual connotation to ankle bracelets, I think that is ridiculous, as many others have commented. They can be fun, flirty, sexy, silly, classy...it just depends on the bracelet. They are just a piece of jewelry.

x Emma x said...

Hey everyone, I'm 12 and have recently purchased a anklet. I think its very pretty and 'indie' and cant wait to show it off;) however, I'm confused on which ankle to wear it on, because at my school people say that which ankle you wear it on can indicate whether your strait or not ? This confuses me a lot... Its just a pretty thing that i enjoy wearing! after reading this, i am going to wear it on my left ankle. and if anyone tries to make any smart comments, I will just explain how it doesn't mean anything apart from I'm not a crowd follower, as no one else wears one. if they really need any deep explaining, I'll just pop up this page and prove them wrong. Also, it doesn't matter how old you are. As long as your young at HEART, keep wearing it :)
Emma x

Anonymous said...

Emma, you are very wise and mature! No woman of any age should be afraid to wear an anklet if she so desires. Delicate gold or silver anklets look great, and that is all that matters. To those who find them repulsive: why bother looking at women's feet? Mind your own business.

Xxsmileyfacexx said...

Well, im eleven and teacher told me that if you wear an ankle brecelt it means something so i googled it and people have been saying left if your a lesbian and right if your in a relationship with whoever gave it to you....is that true?????O.o

Anonymous said...

How about men? Are they allowed to wear anklets and/or toe rings?

Anonymous said...

"Because it's a sexy thing, stop at say 55-60"????
I'm 67 and am not planning on giving up sex any time soon!!

"Or you could stop at the same time you stop having sex"????
So you have a life plan, do you? Marriage at 20, babies at 30, divorce at 50, play the field till 55 or 60, then give up sex?
I'm going to modify my first response. I'm 67 and am not planning on giving up sex before I die!