July 31, 2008

shopping at marshalls, really!

Marshalls is, for me, one of those guilty pleasure stores.

I wouldn't readily admit that I have shopped there, but I have. But it's my mother's fault (isn't is always?)

My mom loves Marshalls! She has a store close to where she lives, so every time I visit it's either "do you want to watch a movie?" or "do you want to go to Marshalls?"

I go with her because it's an easy mother and daughter activity, and I usually look at their kitchen and bedroom stuff. Sometimes at the handbags. Rarely at the clothes. Never at the shoes.

Well, the people at Marshalls wanted to change that and sent me a $200 gift certificate. So this time around it was

"Mom, we have to go to Marshalls!"

Considering I wanted to blog about my fashion finds on the blog, there was no point in looking at pots and pans, nor at duvet covers... and so I rolled-up my sleeves and hit those hundreds and hundreds of aisles looking for fashionable stuff but also for great deals. I mean, it's Marshalls, I shouldn't be paying more than $50 for anything in the store, right?

I was pleasantly surprised to find more things than I could fit in my certificate: pretty and colorful shirts, designer jeans, Ralph Lauren polo shirts and cotton sweaters... Coach bags!!! I didn't know you could find a Coach bag at Marshalls!

And it's not even a once in a while occurrence, in fact, since that first time I saw one, every time we go to Marshalls, it's a race to see who finds a Coach bag first, and there is always a winner!

But let me show you my favorite find:

A lingerie set by Miss Sixty.

I first noticed the top and immediately loved it because it was different than the usual stuff with prints and flowers.

It actually reminded me of something Dolce & Gabbana.

But I ended up putting it back because I like to have matching top and bottoms if I can.

Two aisles down, and without even looking for it, the bikini bottom jumped at me and I almost heard it go "ta da!"

I immediately took the bikini bottom, ran back where the top was and grabbed the top, and then continued shopping, with a new and satisfied smile on my face. I later picked a pair of shorts, a dress and two pillows (sorry, I just can't go to Marshalls and not buy something for the house).

While I am certainly thankful for the gift certificate, I am even more thankful for the opportunity to go and scout and find a treasure that I didn't think would be there.

Look! It sparkles!!! :)


JustLo said...

I agree with you on this. I tend to avoid Marshalls and those types of stores because I usually don't have the patience to sort through all the stuff. But when I do, I usually find some great stuff.

Eddie R said...

Marshall's is a upscale version of Goodwill! It really is!