July 16, 2008

Butter London Nail Polish

Finally!!! A new kid on the block! :)

Essie must be nervous and with reasons: there is a new nail polish player on the market: butter LONDON.

First and foremost, butter LONDON nail polishes are 3 Free, meaning free of the usual toxins you find in other nail polishes: Fomaldehyde, Toluene and DBP.

These toxins can cause cancer, birth defects, respiratory problems and neurological damage, so I think we are definitely better off without them.

As for the colors on their collection... Wow! Gorgeous!

I was lucky to be in the same room with some of these adorable bottles (not lucky enough to try them... yet!) and just by looking at them, I fell in love!

The colors are beautiful, very bold and brilliant.

And while I've been an Essie's fan for a long time, it is also true that picking one of their colors has turned into a big deal (for me) because of the dozens and dozens of very similar colors.

I mean look at Essie's pink palette:

Do you see how many light pink they have? Do you know what that does to someone as anal as me? At one point I wanted to try them all, because I wanted to find the perfect shade of light pink for me. And I would have tried them all, except my nail salon didn't carry every single shade Essie made, and I was seriously ticked by the fact that they were missing shades.

I even had a book where I kept track of all the colors I had tried and where I jotted down if I liked them or not. What? You don't believe me? You want to see the book? Ok. Here is the book.

So now you understand why I see butter LONDON as a breath of fresh air. Finally a line of colors with an interesting variety of colors that doesn't affect my obsessive/compulsive nature.

I mean, how many light pinks do you see in this picture?


Anonymous said...

I'm OCD like you are and can NEVER decide on a color. But this new line looks sooo cool! When are they availalbe and where???

NY Spender said...

Hi Anonymous,
Products are available right now, and you can buy them online, at www.butterlondon.com. :)

They also have salons in 4 different US airports: Seattle, Seatac, Dulles and Sacramento.