August 15, 2008

Tennis is the most fashionable sport ever!

Isn't tennis just fabulous?

I've been playing tennis since I was a little girl, but I've never been consistent at it, especially because you can't really pick up a racquet and go when you feel like it, you pretty much always need another person. So every time I find a tennis partner I'm ready to play.

Lately the partner has been my brother, and after a month or so of continuously playing, I've decided to get serious and spend some money on the hobby. Translation: buy cute little tennis outfits!

I had no idea that the selection was this wide! They have tons of adorable sets and separates! All in different colors!

A mostly white outfit has always been the tennis classic, but I like to spice it up a little so I look at colors as well, even if I have to admit that I have a white miniskort and I love it! I wish I could also wear it when going out. I mean I could, I just would have to carry the tennis racquet as well... and pretend I was about to go play a match... which might not be too believable at 10PM in a bar...

The tops are usually short sleeved with a collar, again the classic, but I prefer tank tops or sleeveless tops because I am not crazy about getting a farmer's tan.

Then comes the headband, and here I have a bit of a dilemma: I like the idea of a sweatband, because it helps keeping the hair away from the face and prevents the sweat from pouring down to the eyes... but... these headbands are so big and chunky! What's the point of the cute little outfit if then I'm going to wear this 80s monstrosity on my head?

So I found the alternative in these much smaller elastic headbands not more than half an inch wide and flat, and not spongy. They don't absorb sweat but they keep my hair out of my face (one out of two is not bad). To fix the sweat problem I wear a big chunky band on my wrist, which looks much better since it's almost like a cuff bracelet, and when I feel the sweat escaping the pretty headband I wipe it away with a quick motion of the arm.

There is only one problem with getting all prepped up for a tennis match: if you look like a pro, people will also expect you to play like a pro. And there is nothing funnier than a girl all dressed up in tennis attire and then completely unable to play the game. Fortunately, that's not me: I can totally send the ball to the other side of the net (the net that fences the park, that is...).


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JeanCillian said...

It is a pity that those who make it to the final o Wimbledon don't wear outfits like these. They should try and create some variation on the plain old white clothes they wear!!!