August 31, 2008

neiman, and nordstrom, and bloomys! oh my!

Last Monday, thanks to Mannequin, I discovered the King of Prussia Mall.

Using the words mall and largest on the East coast in the same sentence it's a sure way to grab my attention.

Only one problem: the mall is 100 miles away from New York.

Usually that doesn't stop me, but since I am not the one that will be doing all the driving I have to test the waters and see if there is a way that I can convince him to drive 100 miles to go to a mall. Also, somehow, mall and largest on the East coast doesn't get him all excited like it gets me.
me: I found a new mall I would like to see... (I make puppy eyes)

him: really? (he's still with me...)

me: yes, it's supposed to be really NICE (I don't use the word BIG, I am not stupid...)

him: ok (ok... ok... he's still with me...)

me: it's 100 miles away (puppy eyes, puppy eyes, puppy eyes...)

him: what?!? (Red Alert! Red Alert! I'm losing him!)

me: well, it's by Philadelphia (... not sure why this would convince him...)
him: isn't that close to the concert we're going to on Saturday? (OMG!!!)
me: I don't know, is it? Lemme check... Holy Crapola! It so is!!!
him: ... (realizes what he just did to himself)
So I start printing maps and study the new territory to conquer... ;)

Also, because of the concert and of the driving involved I know I have about 2 hours and I need to make the best of them.

What I usually do on a first visit to a mall, and especially when I don't plan on spending a lot of time nor money in it, is I pretend it's a museum:

I enter the mall with that mind set: "I am here to look at pretty things!" And just like I can't take the beautiful paintings from a museum home with me, I leave everything (all the fabulous and expensive items) in their place. And just like in a museum, I try to cover as much territory as I can, while still paying as much attention as I can and taking in all the beauty.

But just like in a museum, I always stop by the Gift Shop! And buy something!

Imagine the gift shop as a small treat you give yourself. You're not going to buy a Monet nor a Renoir, but you can surely buy yourself a pretty souvenir or two.

My mall souvenirs are usually things I need and that are not big ticket items. Going to the mall, I knew I needed another MAC Plush Lash Mascara that I bought back in March and that I still love and this hair product that everybody keeps raving about.

So I went ahead and bought these.

And then sometimes you find something you've always wanted but that you have not had the chance to buy it yet.

And guess what? Yesterday I found something that has been in the back of my mind for quite a while now, and considering I had blogged about them here and then again here, I finally convinced myself that it was time to buy these ultra cool leggings!

But the exhibit I enjoyed the most was Juicy Couture.

I am almost getting to the point where I will have to break down and admit that I love this brand... no wait, love is too strong a word still...

But their things are so pretty!!!

Ok! Gela & Pamela, you win! I like Juicy!!! Happy now???

Back to us.

The store had tons of cute things, and I finally figured out why I didn't like the brand. It's because of their trademark: the velour suit.

I don't like velour suits, especially the ones that cost $300. And considering the fact that nobody really wears them anymore, they should finally stop selling them. And concentrate on all the other pretty things they know how to design.

Like this gorgeous See You Lock Leather Clutch!

I don't really care for clutches, but this is a clutch I can see myself wearing! It's not too big, but not to small, made of amazingly soft leather, and it has a handle!

A real piece of art! ;)

Stop by the King of Prussia Mall if you have the chance, it really is a nice (huge!) mall! ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm not usually a fan of Juicy Couture handbags but I'm digging the clutch. Great post! :)

Reunion Committee said...

yes this mall rocks. I live about 20 mins from it. SO worth the trip!! Do it! lol

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...I LOVE this clutch and I was soooo excited to see Juicy Couture also. It was a toss up for me to do that one or Betsey Johnson and I don't care; I like Betsey Johnson! I should say MOST things; some things would look so prom like on me.
I just had to focus on seeing the Tiffany's exhibit though.

I am so glad you got to go and oh yes, hope the concert was exciting as well.

You, my dear, are a girl of my own heart!
Feeling quite honored to have been mentioned on the NY Spender blog...

JustLo said...

I have also never been a big fan of Juicy Couture, I think because the velour suits really annoyed me. Living in Los Angeles, I would see people wearing them all the time I just thought they were ugly and stupidly overpriced. But now maybe I think I should venture into one of there stores and check out what else they have to offer.

plumjewels said...

This wonderful mall is near where my son goes to college. Excellent choice of college, don't you think? LOL

It is so big that it had to be built in two parts. It is truly a classy mall!

PS - those puppy eyes work every time, don't they? ;-)

Anonymous said...

everytime im in the city i have to stop by the juicy couture store. they have really nice dresses.

soilikethelike said...

i love an hour away from this ;)