August 26, 2008

oh my! this economy is turning the spender into a saver!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you must have noticed that the US economy is kind of shaky this year. Some people have been quick about calling it a recession, but I don't think it's that bad, at least not yet...

Yet, after so many months of bad news and so many people panicking, and supermarket prices going up while packages are shrinking, I think it's starting to get to me.

But this is a good thing.

The way this "bad economy" is affecting me is that I am starting to watch my money more. Don't get me wrong, I still like to spend it, but I'm spending it better, or at least I'm trying to.

For example, I have NEVER, EVER been a coupon person. I've always thought what's the point of wasting so much time to save 10 cents? Or even 5 cents? I even felt embarrassed by the idea of giving the cashier a coupon, because I thought it would define me as a cheap person, going through so much to only save a nickel.

But boy have I come around!

Somewhere in between coupons blogs and the $8 fabric softener bottle it hit me!

I am throwing away my money in a pretty stupid way!

I mean it's ok to throw it Marc Jacobs' way once in a while, but to spend $8 on a softener when if you play the game right it can cost you $2... it's not really smart, now is it?

So these past months I have turned a corner, and last week, for the first time EVER, I picked up that "collection of coupons in a bag" that they throw at your doorstep and I actually made time to sit down and read through it. And I found it fun and relaxing!

I've finally realized that it's not just 10 cents you save with a coupon. It's a lot more! And when I realized that, they (the coupon people) finally got my full attention!

Granted, I don't think I will ever beat this woman:

At Walgreens I got:

4 bottles Dove hair products -- $9.98
2 Ban deodorants $3.29
Purina One $7.99
3 sharpie pens 1.08 (.39 each)

I used my $5/$20
I used three $2 off Dove
One $1.50 off Dove
Two $.50 off Ban
$7.19 off the Purina One

Out of Pocket: 2.01!!!
Total Savings: $38.75

But I have to say that it is inspiring!

Maybe by now you must be wondering why this seemingly off-topic post in here. Well, let me get to the point (it's hard for me sometimes...):

I wanted to share with you some websites that sell miniature perfumes, because I think it's a good way to save some money on perfumes, but also because this way it's easier to sample any new ones, and also easier to travel with them.

Perfumeloft is a website that sells a lot of designer fragrances in miniature formats. Burberry Brit, for example, is $7.95.

Another good choice is Lucky Scent, where most of the mignon fragrances sell for around $3.00.

Last but not least (I almost forgot about them!) The Perfumed Court.

And with all the money saved you can finally go and buy yourself that $600 handbag! I know, I know... but what can I say, we all have priorities. ;)

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