August 8, 2008

Prada Handbags

The history behind Prada's fashion house is an interesting one. The company was created by Mario Prada and his brother in 1913 in Milan, where they sold luxury leather goods, such as handbags and suitcases.

Miuccia is Mario's granddaughter, daughter of his daughter. Which brings to the controversy of why Miuccia's last name is Prada when it should be Bianchi (her mother's husband's name). Are you still with me? To add to the mystery is the fact that later on, Miuccia was adopted by her aunt, Mario's other daughter.

The part that gets interesting for us happens in 1979 when Miuccia inherits the family business and makes it the fashion power house that is today.

In 1984 she introduced the simple, minimalistic, informal, black nylon handbag. And it was a HUGE hit. Celebrities and everyone else wanted one. After that, Miuccia was catapulted to fashion stardom, and went on to become the leading fashion designer that she is today.

While the production of the classic nylon handbags continues, Prada leather handbags are the main attractions today.

Classic elegance, originality and excellent quality are Prada's handbags trademark.

The famous triangular logo with the name Prada is the original one that Mario Prada used on his products.

In 1992 the brand Miu Miu (from Miuccia's name) was born, targeting a younger crowd, with a more casual look and affordable prices (compared to Prada).

While it is known that Miuccia has a love/hate relationship with fashion, this turmoil has been beneficial for the buyer, since Miuccia has never been afraid to break boundaries nor to step on anybody's toes.

And so while black remains a classic and a constant, Miuccia is never afraid to play with colors nor to tap into the inner corners of her imagination.

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Anonymous said...

Love that "wrinkly collection" or Prada bags, very beautiful and great in use, very Prada.