September 18, 2008

Can I Wear White at a Wedding?

Dear NY Spender:

I have a white with brown polka dot dress that I would like to wear to a daytime, weekday wedding.

See attached picture.

I was going to wear it with gold heels, a gold multi-strand necklace and gold dangly earrings.

One friend and my boyfriend said yes and that it looks great. Another friend says I shouldn't wear so much white to a wedding. The wedding is THIS Friday, and now I have no idea what to wear. Please help!

Thank you!

Dear M.,

first of all, I think that the white and gold could work since you don't have a completely white dress.

With that said, how about adding darker accessories to balance out the white?

You could wear dark shoes, brown or even black. A dark handbag. And dark sunglasses. So now instead of looking like the bride, you are looking like a fashionista. :)

What I would love to see you wear with this is a black wide brimmed hat!

So the trick is don't add anymore white, and you can wear your pretty dress.

Let me know what you end up wearing, send a picture, and don't forget to have fun! ;)


Thanks again for your help! I felt more confident in wearing my outfit and I ended up doing the gold shoes and accessories! M.

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