October 13, 2008

bullitt's deals - halloween costumes

Hello, it's your sleepy friend Bullitt!

This is me the morning after Madonna's concert, not that I went to the concert but I didn't sleep much because I was waiting up for the Spender and she came home so late!

But I do love Madonna too, so I couldn't really be upset with the Spender, and she let me try her new t-shirt on, even if it's black (big mistake!)

Since Halloween is around the corner, my deals this week are two Madonna's Halloween Costumes!

80s Pop Star Costume - Wild and Crazy!

80s Pop Queen "Borderline" Outfit

Don't forget to practice your Vogue moves!!!

1 comment:

plumjewels said...

Don't know about either of those outfits - but I do love all my concert tee shirts! Such good memories :-)