October 21, 2008

Halloween Costume Ideas - 2008 Edition

Ten days to go and it's Halloween again, at least here in the States! :)

After much talking and convincing, we actually have a Halloween Costume Contest at my job (and guess who did most of the talking?)!

This year is the second year the contest will take place, and since last year I finished third, this year I better step my game up some!

With only 10 days left it's hard not to panic...

My problem is that every costume out there is so boring, dated, and not original.

Like this Snow White, for example.

Sure it's cute and all, but it's been around forever, and I wouldn't want to be caught dead wearing a big and puffy yellow skirt with a blue corset. I mean, can you say "fashion disaster?" ;)

On the other hand, the same costume in a few sizes smaller, gets my full approval!

Princess Leia's is another costume I wouldn't wear, because of all the potentially dangerous geek attention it would get me...

but here again, the cuteness factor of a little princess is just too much to handle! :)

Wonder Woman and Dorothy are interesting costumes, unfortunately you find tons of them at any Halloween party.

These versions instead, you don't see as often:

If I had $200 to throw away on a pretty costume, I would like to buy something like this Deluxe Cinderella costume, because it looks so realistic and I look good in light blue.

Plus, I would finally get some hips!

But considering the economy, this year most of us will go for a do-it-yourself costume, and the best candidates for such DIY projects are the following two:

Sarah Palin.

Expect to see a lot of women dressed up as her this Halloween.

I know one of the girls at work will wear a Sarah Palin costume, which I am sure my co-workers (judges) are going to love (and my chances of winning just got slimmer...)

If you need help in getting a Sarah Palin costume together, read this: how to make a Sarah Palin Halloween Costume

Amy Winehouse.

I've been seriously considering dressing up as her since her costume would be very easy to put together. Of course I would buy a wig, because she has ten times the hair I have (and twenty times the eye-liner!)

And just to show you how easy this costume is, check out this collection of people dressed up as her: Amy Winehouse costumes

And I can't blog about Amy Winehouse's Halloween costumes without posting this gem:

My sister dressed up as Amy!

Lovely costume and that's her own hair (unfair genes I tell you!)

Update +++++

After sis saw her little picture in here, she sent a bigger one that better captures the makeup. :)

So ten days and I still have no idea what I will wear... my best idea so far is to mix two costumes, Dorothy and Amy Winehouse and go as Dorothy in Rehab, with Toto (Bullitt) holding a whiskey bottle... but I am not sure yet. Suggestions anybody?


I did dress up as Amy, check me out!  ;)



plumjewels said...

If you have an old frou frou bridesmaid's dress (I have tons, one is even in a perfect "princess pink") you can accessorize and either go as a princess or with the right wand, even as a fairy godmother.

Anonymous said...

OMG the baby Leia costume is so adorable!! I have to get that for my 1 year old.

Alicia aka "Fashiona" said...

OK your sister rocks as Amy Winehouse. I am still collecting ideas, Cinderella might be fine.


NY Spender said...

One week to go and still nothing... even if I might be looking at some movies for inspiration this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with you on the Cinderella costume. The kids costumes look great but kids costumes always look great. One of the best costumes I've seen was an Oompa Loompa costume here's a picture of the little guys http://www.prestigioushomesflatfeeservices.net/images/ompa%20lumpa%20menbbb.jpg