October 1, 2008

How to be a fashionable "New Mommy"

He's finally here! Your new baby! You've been waiting 9 months, and before that, about 25 years for this moment! And now, all that "doll" practice you did from age 5 to 10 is going to finally pay off! ;)

One of the differences between "then" and "now" is that now you have real money to spend on real accessories, so that instead of this:

You can now buy this:

Gucci Baby Carrier $850

or for a more "affordable" option:

Kate Spade Biarritz Carrier $100

Instead of this:

Now you can afford this:

Lacoste Stroller $400

and maybe even this:

Burberry Stroller $695

And instead of some fake diaper bag:

You now have an excuse to go ahead and splurge on a nice diaper bag that doesn't have to look like a diaper bag!

Juicy Couture Velour Diaper Bag $295

Kate Spade Zermatt Stevie Baby Bag $395

Ok, maybe not this nice!

Louis Vuitton Diaper Bag $2,200

For some more interesting and fashionable products be sure to also visit:


Orbit Infant System

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to be "fashionable with baby" (just don't name the baby Chanel, please...)!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links! I do have a Coach baby bag, but I cheated a little and got it off ebay to save money. ;) That burberry stroller is really cute. If only we had any money left over after baby preparations. ;)

Anonymous said...

M'pazzisti completamenti...
Tu andresti daccordo con Paola (la mia fidanza).


plumjewels said...

Astarte's Student, not to worry. Baby "fashion accessories" were not in fashion when my children were born - and they both grew up into wonderful young adults anyway!

You do what you can :-)

Anonymous said...

Whatever Guido said!!!

roshondajones said...

Hi....im tryin to purchase the burberry stroller sumone tell me gow plz

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Louis diaper bag so much!!!!!

J21 Beauty

Megan R said...

"Now that you're 25..." really? I waited, like most Women this day in age, to have a baby in my 30's. At 25 I was still making a name for myself in the business world, and probably too immature to raise a kid, I was a kid myself.

NY Spender said...

Hi Megan, "25 years" was just a number. I actually waited 35 years. There is no right or wrong, just what's best for you.