October 4, 2008

A Message for Rachel Ray

I am sure you all know Rachel Ray.

She is the bubbly chef from the Food Network, the author of numerous cookbooks, the girl behind the 30 minutes meals...

A very successful woman indeed, and, just like Oprah, she even has her own magazine!

She is also very pretty, and has experimented with hair color and style since the beginning of her show.

And she looks good with dark hair as well as with blond hair.

But lately, something is wrong. Something has changed for the worse.

I'm not sure why, but now Rachel is sporting enormous eyebrows.

If you check out the new issue of her magazine at your local news stand you'll see what I mean...

They remind me of these birds I used to draw when I was in 1st grade, flying high in the sky, above a pretty house.

So now I'm going to use the power of blogging to reach out to Rachel ;)

"Rachel, my dear, please fix your eyebrows! They were perfect just the way they were before!"

We have all been through rough times because of men, and usually us women will cut our hair, join the gym, or even sleep around... but I have never heard of anybody doubling the size of their eyebrows overnight as a cure for a broken heart.

You are a beautiful girl just the way you are! Go get those tweezers, please!

BTW love your show!

Yours truly,
NY Spender"


Anonymous said...

She's going through rough times because of men?

I think thicker brows are definitely more fashionable these days. A much fuller, healthier look. I don't mind them.

NY Spender said...


she was having problems with her husband cheating on her and coming out in the press as being a complete pervert... since then, Rachel has not been the same (with reason!)

Thicker eyebrows are ok if they look good on you, and if they look natural: Rachel's don't look natural.

Also, I don't think one should change eyebrows depending on the trends, instead you should find what looks good on you and stick with it.

Anonymous said...

I think Rachel has that fresh faced, girl next door, Middle Americana wholesome good looks. Add perkiness to the mix and she is a soaring success. Has she been in one of those "Got Milk?" ads? If not she's a perfect candidate.

Why the big brows, I don't look. Maybe she is simply experienting with her appearance. I don't find it flattering. I prefer the image that has worked for her thus far.

As for the husband, take him, along with the table scraps, to the dumpster.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I had no idea. That's too bad.

I don't think her eyebrows look bad fuller. And speaking of trends ... you always know what looks good on you (clothes, eyebrows, etc ...) but sometimes it's fun to mix things up and take part in a trend.

Anonymous said...

I agree with ny spender on this one. I know that fuller brows are fashionable right now but just because something is fashionable doesn't mean it will look right on all of us.
They DON'T look natural. She's a very pretty woman and the thick, heavy eyebrows just look overwhelming on her small face.
Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

Did her haircut happen around this same time?