October 19, 2008

Levis' jeans

This week I had the chance to get my hands on, or better yet, my legs in some new jeans at the Levi's Fall Fashion Preview event.

One of the worst thing someone can say to me is: "We would like to offer you two hours in our Levi's store, so that you can find the pair of jeans that best fits you".

When someone offers me two hours, I take them! All of them! And you know how many pairs of jeans you can try in two hours?

Ask Carlos. He knows. He was the angel they assigned to me in my quest for jeans that wouldn't flatten my butt but would straighten my legs.

Since the store had tons of different styles, I decided to make it easier by narrowing down the cut: skinny.

But that's where the narrowing ended, because then I tried ALL of the skinny jeans in the store in pretty much ALL of the colors available per style.

In the process, I learned a thing of two about Levi's that I didn't know:

1. Levi's is always listening to customers' requests. Via email, via sales people... one way or another the comments and suggestions always make it up the chain of command, and up there they pay attention, hence a lot of the {re-issue} styles.

2. Because of point number 1, they have re-issued my all-time favorite style: the bell bottom. Now I have some thinking to do: do I wait a little or do I jump?

Carlos said they might be too long for me, and if I cut them at the bottom I lose the bell... so here's MY request to Levi's: please make bell bottom jeans for petite girls like me (5'2")! Thank you.

3. The {Capital E} collection is the only one made in USA, and the ECO collection is made of 100% organic and recycled cotton.

4. The back-pocket stitching of the {Capital E} collection is hand-made, so expect it to be not "perfect".

5. Some of the new styles in store include the wide leg and the tilted trouser. I personally liked the tilted trouser (yes, I did try them on, too, why not?) because they have a tilted waist (high in the back and low in the front) which will flatter most women, and they are very stretchy.

At this point you might be wondering which pair I walked away with, so without further ado, here is the winner:

The Ultra Low Boot 522 Jeans.

See, somehow, while I was trying the 15th pair of skinny jeans on in the fitting room, Carlos came over with the 5 new pairs I had asked him for, except one of them was, mistakenly, a boot cut.

Not realizing it was a boot cut, I tried it on, and I loved it! And when I came out of the room to show Carlos and all the other sales people that had been following my quest for the perfect skinny, they all smiled and said that I should forget the skinny and get the boot-cut.

I agreed.

But then I looked at Carlos and wondered if he had made an honest mistake or if he had slipped the boot cut in there on purpose. He kept on smiling innocently... but that doesn't matter, what matter is that I found the right cut for me in one hour and forty minutes!

Thank you Levi's and thank you Carlos!

Ps. If you happen to stop by the Time Square Levi's store in New York, definitely ask for Carlos: one way or another he will help you find the right jeans for you. ;)


Anonymous said...

Those are nice! I like the Ultra Low cut also.
I am in agreement with the Petite Bell Bottoms; they forgot all about us. They're my favorite as they actually give the illusion of longer lanky legs.
I imagine that was quite fun and Carlos sounds great! Ah the perks of living in the city.

plumjewels said...

I like the boot cut best also. Boy, those bells sure bring back memories - very old memories!

I'll have to visit that store :-)