November 6, 2008

oh my! a sexy post!

Enough about shoes, dresses and handbags! Tonight we'll take it all off, and leave only the bare minimum on. ;)

Lingerie is a vital part of your wardrobe, because not only it's so closely pressed against your most delicate parts, but also because it works as the foundation of whatever clothes you put on top of it.

What is the point of wearing a tight and sexy dress that shows all your curves if underneath you're wearing a bra that flattens your chest? Or a bra with designs that show through? Or a pair of panties that cut your cheeks in two!

I don't mean come across as gross, I'm just trying to make (visualize) a point: just because you don't see it, it doesn't mean lingerie is not as important as any other item of clothing you wear.

So sit back and relax. And browse through these online lingerie stores, where you will definitely find something that fits your taste, your wallet and your breasts! ;)

Victoria's Secret

La Senza


Mio Destino

Agent Provocateur

La Perla

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