November 12, 2008

White Ceramic Watches

It all started with Chanel (what else is new?), and their J12.

And it was part of my 2007 holiday gift guide

Since then, several companies have produced their versions of white ceramic watches, which of course all resemble the J12. But it's understandable. It's a beautiful watch.

And considering the J12 costs about $4,500, these "other white" watches are a much more affordable option, and part of my 2008 holiday gift guide:


Stefanie Coenegrachts said...

I love these watches.
Especially the one from Michael Kors.
Do you know the exact model name?


NY Spender said...


Nordstrom lists it as Michael Kors Ladies' Chronograph Resin Band Watch

Even though my post is more than a year old, the still sell it :)