December 21, 2008

fashion disaster - 'tis the season to be... green???

I've always been a fan of colored tights.

But these green ones here left me a little perplexed...

See, it's ok to wear green "opaque" tights.

The problem is when you wear "sheer" green tights, because you end up looking like the Hulk's girlfriend!

It really looked like her legs were green.

It was kind of scary, in fact, I took the picture as fast as I could, before she saw me and started to transform...


Anonymous said...

Nice shoes and skirt length, though!

Anonymous said...

I was just watching Elf ... Jovie wears some sheer-ish green tights too, but they look cuter on her.

Anonymous said... does look as though her arms are probably green as well. It looks so naturally unnatural.
I DO like her shoes though , although upon closer inspection they look pretty scuffed.

Happy Holidays to one of my favorite bloggers!

Anonymous said...

That's terrible! So the wicked witch of the west! Yikes!

Lys said...

I'd be terrified to wear colored tights *LOL* had to laugh at the hulk reference.

BTW - love the blog!