January 11, 2009

Find the perfect nail polish color

Here's an exercise that, even if you are half as anal as me, it will kill about a couple of hours of your precious time... but it's for a good cause, so it's definitely worth it. ;)

What we're looking for is that perfect nail polish color for this season. How hard can it be, you might ask?

I'm sure this has happened to you: a color looks dark in the bottle and then it goes on clear on your nails. But you feel bad telling the manicurist you want to change the color so you keep it for a week and try not to look at your nails, because every time you do, it pisses you off thinking about such a wasted manicure...

So it can be hard, at times. And in order to avoid mistakes, a lot of us keep sticking to the usual "safe" colors.

But this year is about breaking out of the "habit" shell!

Ok, so here is a possible solution: OPI Studio. A way to help you dip you toes (and fingers) in uncharted waters (colors)...

OPI Studio is awesome, and similar to a video game, since you get to play for hours and possibly get a headache by the end (from endlessly staring at the monitor). But it's all for good reasons.

Here are the rules: pick your skin color (in my case I picked the lightest shade),

pick a collection from the drop-down on the upper right side of the screen,

and then with your mouse slide over the different nail polish colors and et voila'!

This looks like a nice red on my skin...

While if I ever wanted to try yellow on my nails, this picture helps me visualize the horror that yellow would do to my hands.

While blue looks pretty cool...

This gray would make my hands look dead!

While it might not be the final answer in nail polish selection, this OPI Studio can definitely help avoid nail catastrophes, and guide you when choosing a new nail color. :)


SK said...

wonder if www.genopal.com a free online color selector can help you choose he right color ?

emily said...

this is such a great idea!! (i'll need to try it out...) do you know if there's a way to make the nails... a little shorter/more natural looking, though?

NY Spender said...

You can't do that. It's just with long nails... :(

Anonymous said...

I agree, very cool idea but those long nails are creepy!