March 22, 2009

Looking for a Diaper Bag

Not too long ago I wrote a post about being a "fashionable new mommy" in honor of one of my pregnant reader.

One exact month after that post, I discovered I was pregnant! Talk about easily impressionable!

Being in my sixth month, I thought it was time I started my quest for a good looking diaper bag. It's funny how I already have a baby registry at Babies r Us, but I didn't include a diaper bag in it because I just didn't like their selection, and I rather pick that special bag myself.

There are two completely different directions I am being pulled when trying to pick this diaper bag: one is the fashionable direction, the other one is the adorable direction. For the adorable section:

How is this for adorable?
And can you beat that price???

I actually really liked this Snoopy model here, 
but since I'm expecting a little girl, 
there is no way I would buy a blue diaper bag.
I'm traditional like that... ;)

Being a bit of a Precious Moment fan, 
I was very happy to find that they make 
a diaper bag in pink and that looks totally cute.

Vera Bradley Baby Bag $97
Moving away from the extremely adorable 
towards something a bit more grown-up, 
here is one of Vera Bradley's baby bags.
I love this one in the "Hope Garden" pattern.

Juicy Couture Pretty Day Velour Ms. Daydreamer Bag $228.00
On to Juicy, as you can see, and as expected the price 
is starting to get quite expensive, 
but now we are talking about designer bags!
Although this is not a diaper bag, 
I do think it would work just fine. And it's pink!

Poppy Metallic Signature Sateen Glam Tote $198 

You didn't think that Coach wasn't going to make the cut, did you???

There are actually a few Coach handbags pretty in pink, even if I am not sure they would be very practical as diaper bags.

True story: I was in a Coach store about 3 weeks ago, and I was already showing, so as soon as I walked in and started looking around, the sales girl asked me: "looking for the diaper bag?"

I was and I wasn't, but I said: "Sure, do you have one?"

So she brings me over the bag, and it was pink, and I pick it up and I looked inside at the pretty pink changing pad. It was so pretty and so silky, I couldn't help myself so I said to her: "I can just imagine this delicate and pretty pink pad getting soiled with poop!"

She laughed and so did I. Then she told me: "In all honesty, you don't need this bag. You should get a backpack or something more practical".

She was also tacitly implying that I didn't need to spend $400 on a diaper bag.

I agreed with her and thanked her for her advice.

That's why if I would ever get a Coach bag to use as a diaper bag, I would actually pick a bag that wasn't specifically a diaper bag, but something that I could continue wearing after diaper season is over, too. Like this Madison handbag from this older post.

Or this Parker Op Art Shoulder Bag $298.00,
that is quickly becoming my new favorite!
(update 2012 - This bag is not available from Coach anymore)


Anonymous said...

I have the Coach baby blue optic baby bag from a few seasons ago. It's the traditional optic C's, not the new op art. I have to say I love it and have used the changing pad numerous times. Lots of good pockets and I plan on using it as my work bag when we don't need it as a diaper bag anymore. Plus I love the little teddy bear patch on the Coach baby gear. :) I don't carry a handbag in addition to the diaper bag when I use the diaper bag, so I wanted something somewhat stylish.

The only drawback for me is that it only works as a shoulder tote and sometimes I really wish it had an across-the-body type strap.

I got it on ebay after Coach brought a new style of baby bag out because I wanted this one in particular. I don't feel bad about getting it on ebay because I've already done my share of keeping Coach in business. ;)

Salsa Lover said...

I totally agree with Coach sales girl. Spending a large amount is kinda silly. Things get spilled... spit-up may happen... I had bought a black one on sale for around $30. However, the best one I ever got was a simple black one from the hospital for free. It was perfect. Not too big. Not too small. Appropriate pockets but not too many... too many pockets means you pack too much stuff you don't need.

Keep it simple and save your money. People spend way too much on babies - its hard - the stuff is adorable - but the money would be better spent in a college fund! (personal opinion)