March 31, 2009

Coach Diaper Bag

It was a sunny day in New York today. And I made an effort to get out of the office during my lunch hour, to take a nice walk while I still can!

At first my plan was to buy lunch and enjoy a little sun, but then the "Coach" store thought popped in my head.

See, the store is not that close to my office, and considering I now weight at least 20 lbs more, going for a long walk is never something I look forward to. So I started the journey with no expectations: if I got too tired on the way there, I would just turn around and go back to the office.

It goes without saying that I made it there! Amazing the motivation I get from shopping...

So finally at the store, I first looked at the bag I was considering as a diaper bag:

The Parker Op Art in pink is just as adorable in person as it is on screen! It's a nice size bag and it fits comfortably on your shoulder. The pink color is a very soft shade of it, and the handle is so soft!

So while I loved the bag as a bag, I started having doubts about using it as a diaper bag. I could only imagine the soft pink getting splashed with soft puke from the baby, and that would really make me sad...

I gave myself permission to look around the store, for something more puke appropriate, and realized that another collection had better suited bags, the Leah collection:

I seriously considered buying this Coated Canvas Leah Tote. For the same price as the Parker Op Art, the Leah looks more like a diaper bag, and it's made of coated canvas, which means it's still not machine washable, but at least it could repel some puke on its own. It also has a long strap perfect to leave you hands-free to handle the baby.

But after much thinking, I figured I didn't love the Leah. I much preferred the Leah in Patent pink, but now the price would shoot up another $100.

So I went back looking at the Parker, and decided that I was going to listen to my readers, and not buy an expensive diaper bag!

Instead I bought a regular bag! The Parker Op Art in Tan. This way I can wear it before and after the baby is born! Isn't it gorgeous!?! ;)

Of course, now I still need a diaper bag...


astarte's student said...

That's blasphemy! ;) I think we got 2 free diaper bags during the from a class or signing up for something on the internet maybe, and the other from our doctor in the last month or so (one of those generic black ones everybody gets with all the enfamil stuff I think). They are both sitting in the closet because neither one seemed durable enough to me to actually use. I think there's a pretty good selection these days, so I'm sure you could easily find something cute, functional AND affordable. Just make sure you post pics when you do! :)

emily said...

i love your logic. :)

Daisy said...

I like the pink Snoopy diaper bag. It's practical, adorable, fashionable, and I especially like the price tag. I think I may even consider using it as a handbag. It would look fitting hanging from a stroller, or anywhere around a baby girl, bringing smiles all around. I like the idea of baby's college fund. Never to soon to think ahead.