April 21, 2009

fashion disaster: allover pink

I think I've said this a couple of times before: as much as I love pink, I don't go out wearing allover pink!

One thing I've realized is that life is a big circle:

1. we are born girls and they dress us head to toe pink, and that is part of our first memories

2. there is a middle phase were we rebel against everything, pink included

3. a phase where we can't wear too much pink since the husband/boyfriend/son will abuse us to no end

4. a last phase, when we don't care about what anybody else thinks, and we go back and embrace that pink we missed so much!

Unfortunately, this last phase puts us in the fashion disaster category! Remember her?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, unfortunately as much as adore pink, that hurts my eyes.
Old ladies tend to do that sort of thing, don't they? Bless her heart.

Maria said...

Oh, what's the harm? At that age, she has earned the right to do whatever she darn well pleases! Who knows what tragedies she may have faced? If she loves pink and it makes her happy, let her surround herself with it.

Now if it was on a 30-something, it would be a different story . . .

I personally was never a big fan of pink - I was a blue girl!

Daisy said...

I bathe in Pepto Bismol, that's how much I like my pink.


Megan said...

lol @ Daisy!

I hope I never end up like that. Or wearing too much makeup/perfume.