April 29, 2009

rivet de cru jeans giveaway

As promised, here is the new giveaway for this week: a sexy pair of jeans from Rivet de Cru Jeans!

This is the Claudia style, straight leg jeans with some very interesting details on the back!

I've received a pair to review, and to give away to my readers, and you can't imagine the frustration at not being able to try them on! You know with my pregnant belly and all...

But even if I can't try them on, I can still tell you all the reasons why you will want to own such a gorgeous pair of jeans:

1) the material is thin and very soft on the skin, which is something I personally prefer over hard and stiff jeans

2) all the rivets are not your usual boring flat metal ones, but they pop out and have a central black stone that looks pretty cool

3) you also have these rivets on the V shaped belt loop on the back

4) the signature on the back pockets is in raised gold studs

Rivet de Cru Jeans is a relatively new brand, founded in 2007 and based in LA. I say relatively new because the owner and designer, Ruben Dario Campos, is far from new to the business, having over 18 years of denim sales and design. So you know he must know a thing or two about jeans, and from the look of this cool pair sitting next to me, I can testify that he does!

You can buy this Claudia style and many others at Rivet De Cru Jeans

You can also try to win this pair by leaving a comment on this post letting me know where would you go with such a cool pair of jeans ;)

Giveaway ends Monday, May 4th at midnight EST. I will pick a random winner on Tuesday, May 5th. Sorry, US residents only.

Good Luck!!!


Daisy said...

I think I would wear these to a casual event, such a picnic. They're comfortable, as far as I can tell they are not high maintence.

Daisy, back in the game

MJ said...

Ok, now that I've managed to stop drooling... I'd wear them everywhere on my upcoming 30th birthday, and I'd feel totally sexy all day!


Cortney said...

I would wear these out to a club with a cute top and high heels!

emily said...

everywhere!! i practically live in jeans. ;)

Carletta said...

I'd love to wear these fabulous jeans with a little empire waist top and my sexy gladiator heels! So chic!!


Danielle said...

With these jeans, I would go out with my girls and have a great time! I would feel confident in them and could dance and shake my booty!!!


Naomi said...

I'd head straight to the airport with this comfy pair. It'll be my go to pair whenever I need something trusty.

MaC said...

They sound awesomely cute!
I'd wear them for a casual dinner with friends,
or better yet, wear it all day for my cousin's baby shower this upcoming month, what with it being thing & comfortable :)


AllyKatt said...

I would wear them out to a concert with heels and a black cashmere pullover sweater.

espressogurl AT hotmail DOT com

laddie said...

Definitely out with friends in some fancy resto. :) Would be really fab with a cute top and heels.


Rachael Williams said...

I would wear these with some strappy black high heeled sandals, a little fancy black tank, some sparkly earrings and go out for drinks & dancing!!

AlisonP. said...

Wow, I'd wear them almost E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!!!!
But specifically, these jeans would actually make me LOOK FORWARD to work on the next 'Casual Friday' -- Now THAT'S a feat!

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

--Alison P.

PAIGE said...

I'd wear them everywhere with flat sandals during the day and to a concert at night with heels!

Daisy said...

I'm NOT trying to enter twice. I just want to see how the Spender is glowing these days. Preggos seem to have a radiance about them.
Take good care, both of you!


Megan said...

MJ I just turned 30 too! Nice! :)

I'd wear them to the movies with my husband! And probably anywhere else because it would be one of the few pairs of pants that fit post-baby. ;)

geomegs at gmail

Kristen said...

CUTE!! I'd wear them out to dinner on date nights with my hubby, paired with a flirty cute top and cute shoes.

Anonymous said...

I would go to Portland for my birthday and have a weekend out on the town! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Lovely jeans and don't you fear, you'll be back in yours in a flash.
In the meanwhile though, I can wear them!
I think I'd wear these with a nice floral top when we go to the gardens. I cannot wear a dress since I have two males tugging on me the whole time we go anywhere, twisting me into oblivion.

Thanks for the giveaway and if I don't "see" you before, Happy Mothers Day. Because you are a mommy. :) Where's Bullit?

NY Spender said...

Hey Daisy, thank you for checking in, mom and baby are doing fine, and after 6 months of bad skin, the glow seems to have finally appeared! Hope you are doing well.


Hi Mannequin,

thank you for the sweet words. I was wondering if I count as a mother yet... I guess I do somewhat :)
As for Bullitt, he'll make an appearance soon, even if he's not too thrilled about his looks this days (shaved as part of the nesting process in this house) ;)

Kim said...

I'd wear them for my big birthday night out in the city!!!

\ said...

I would wear them practically everywhere. I would wear them with many layers during the day (t-shirt, jacket, and scarf), and then strip down to a sexy top to wear out at night.

Salsa Lover said...

These jeans would start my day by going with me to drop my kids off. And then off to work for a day full of IT-related inquiries and questions. Later, after a dinner out (shoe change, shirt change), I'd wear them out salsa dancing. they are cute enough to take me from mom-duties to work-duties to me-as-a-woman-duties!!!