May 10, 2009

happy mother's day

Happy Mother's Day!

From the Spender, Kaitlin and Bullitt (whatever is left of him).



Daisy said...

Happy Mother's Day to you NYSpender! You and the baby look fabulous. Bullit is so adorable. He also looks hilarious, I love the "socks" he's wearing. The puff on his tail is funny too. My Mother got flowers, balloons, and a gift certificate - I don't know her tastes so that was the most practical way to go.


Soos said...

Hahaha! Is that Bullitt's summer haircut? Boy, your back must hurt. Happiest Mother's Day!

Maria said...

You look great! It's all "baby." Love Puss in Boots, er, I mean Bullitt.

Hope you had a wonderful day!

Megan said...

Looking good Mama! Happy Mother's Day to you too. :)

Delphine said...

woohoo, can't wait to see the baby!

Toystory said...

My cat will be going for his annual "Lion" cut as soon as I can get him an appointment. His hair is so knotted, and last year he really was more relaxed not having to worry about grooming as much ~~ plus for us the shedding was minimal, instead of maximal!