June 3, 2009

Baby-G by Casio

Because of Lady Gaga and her wacky style, now Casio thinks it can come back with those bulky watches from the 80s and make them stylish this time around...

Here you see Miss Gaga wearing this bright rubbery yellow Casio that is a bit harsh on the eyes. Oh so yellow!

But for some weird reason, the more I look at the watch, the more I like it.

So I figured there should be no harm in finding out if there are any other colors available, maybe a bit less bright?

See this watch is a smaller version of the original G-Shock watch by Casio, and it has the cutest name in the world: Baby-G by Casio.

Knowing that I was stepping in dangerous territory, I decided to see if there was a website dedicated to the Baby-Gs... and of course there is one!


Oh yes! They have pink Baby-Gs!!! And it looks like they all cost between $79 and $99, which makes it pretty much impossible not to go ahead and buy one. It's just a matter of picking one now...

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