June 11, 2009

fashion disaster: arm accessories

Holy Crap!

Wouldn't you feel a tiny bit weird walking around with such a big plastic bag wrapped around your shoulder?

I know that if it were up to it, the Louis Vuitton bag would much rather end up in Chinatown than spend one more minute hanging from the same arm as that huge white plastic thing.

Or being mis-matched with the checkered coat.

It's just not easy being an LV...


Maria said...

Haha - you were at the ob-gyn! All the baby pictures on the bulletin board are a big giveaway ;-) How are mom and baby coming along?

Maybe she just bought something and had yet to go home. It happens :-)

NY Spender said...

I am always at the OB now! We're doing good, 36 weeks today, the baby is already 6 and half lbs! I'm starting to seriously worry about the final weight...

You always stick up for the disasters... can't you see how HUGE is the bag???

Maria said...

Are you worrying about your final weight, or the baby's? LOL It will all be fine :-)

Sorry, I always try to put myself in someone else's shoes - even if they're not high heels ;-) I'm thinking I wouldn't want to be toting such a huge bag around, if I didn't have a good reason. Looks like a pillow in there, which I don't think The Container Store sells - maybe she is off to Lamaze class or something like that.

Besides, I think I have agreed with at least some of your fashion disasters! Most of the time though, if I can't say something nice, I don't say anything. I am not fashion perfect myself (ask my daughter, LOL), so I really shouldn't dump on others.

Daisy said...

I'm surprised you still have the energy to walk around. I've always felt being in advanced pregancy would be tiring. I'd be in a comfortable recliner, eating grapes and watching tv or reading a book.
Ya look great! Can't wait to see pics of Baby Kaitlin. Well, I've already seen her inside mommy but I love to see her outside in the world.