June 23, 2009

today is national pink day

I didn't know that National Pink Day existed, and I am not even sure why it exists... but, I am glad that it does! :)

So what does one do on Pink Day? I would think wear something pink. Or at least waste some time on the internet looking for cool pink things to share on her blog! ;)

One thing is for sure: expecting a little girl fills your house up with more pink things that you could ever want or need (as testified by the last picture below...).

Enjoy Pink Day!


Pream Kumar /HSE -Engineer said...

thx a lot and same to you!!!

emily said...

ha! i better do something "pink" today. what's funny is yesterday my friend and i were talking about how everyone seemed to be wearing purple, and she said, "what if today is national purple day or something? is that even a holiday?" :)

Pam said...

Pink Day Sale on pink fashions today only at ww.philanthrofashion.com. Plus pink charities to donate too!

Daisy said...

Love that rich pink Valentino purse! While I like all shades of pinks and purples, I favor a deeper shade of both colors.


Daisy said...

How's Momma-to-be doing? How's the Spender doin' these days? Counting down each day now, I bet.


NY Spender said...

Absolutely counting the days! But this baby seems to be very comfortable in there and she's not trying to come out yet!
Due date is July 9th, so picture how much I waddle now. lol

Zoe said...

Spender is adorable! I have such a crush on him!!

NY Spender said...

Zoe, I'm sure you meant Bullitt... :)

Daisy said...

It is entirely possible that anyone can have a crush on both.

I am wearing a pink J. Jill emsemble today. A pretty tank and a cardigan with feminine designs (ribbing?) The thing with J. Jill is, their clothing are exaggeratedly soft and feminine, they can appear to be caricatures of feminity. The sleeves can have dramatic flourishes that makes it impractical. (Dipping the sleeve accidentally into the chicken soup). Anyway some are okay.