July 29, 2009

Dove Cucumber and Green Tea Soap

Since becoming a mom, I've been craving simplicity more and more every day.

A product that has taken the place of fancy and expensive products in my bathroom is Dove Cucumber and Green Tea Soap.

Maybe because I want to make sure that the products I use are safe, or at least "safer", in any case I've gone back to soap bars after decades of using body wash products.

And because of the current steaming temperatures of New York, cucumber is the most refreshing thing I can use in the shower. This soap smells great and it leaves my skin so soft.

What's cute is that Kaitlin is using cucumber too, both the body wash and the body lotion from Johnson and Johnson.

So we both feel cool and refreshed these hot summer days. :)

1 comment:

Daisy said...


When I go grocery shopping I will be sure to pick up the Dove soap bar with cucumber and green tea. It sounds delectable. I've always used Dove, but the plain kind. Now I must try this. Cucumber has always been my favorite ingredient either in summer dishes or in beauty products alike. The lotion looks good too. I subsitute it for Vaseline Intensive Care, which is what I usually use. I'll see if I can find both.

Thanks, Daisy