August 5, 2009

coach understands the hard financial times

Yesterday I posted about Coach, and today I have one more thing to say:

Coach is cool!

To elaborate on that: I stopped by the mall (finally!) and I was able to confirm what I had known already from reading financial news: Coach has been lowering their prices, and introducing new bags with lower ticket price in response to our bad economy.

I can appreciate that. And now you can find a lot of very pretty bags for under $300.

Like the Clover Op Art Carryall

and the New Signature Garnet

They still sell more expensive handbags, but it's nice to have a decent selection in the few hundred dollars range, too.

You want to know who doesn't want to lower their prices and it kinda pisses me off because I think it would be nice if they would?

Abercrombie & Fitch.

I love Abercrombie, at least their sweat pants, and I would love to be able to but a pair of their pants for less than $60! But no!!! A&F is just too hot to lower their prices.

Pretty much like Louis Vuitton bags, that NEVER go on sale!

So you want to know what I did?

I went to Victoria's Secret.

They're having a sale, and I was able to buy very similar sweat pants, on sale for $25! They're just as cozy and soft, and even come in pink! ;)

Ha! Sorry AberFitch, a little more respect for your customers would be nice, you know (it's not like we enjoy paying double the price!)?

1 comment:

Daisy said...

Screw AberFitch.

Insist on selling at those prices people will go patronize other brands of similar quality.