August 19, 2009

draped skirts and legging pants

If you're shopping around for fall already, be sure to pick up either a draped skirt or a pair of legging pants (or both!).

Draped skirts are skirts with wrinkles, and in my opinion, much more forgiving than regular form-fitting pencil skirts, especially for those women in need of some curves.

They are also more comfortable.

The styles vary, with pleats in front or on the side, more or less ruffles, so everybody should be able to find something that will look good on them.

Leggings are still fashionable this fall! Can you believe it?

But to make your closet more interesting, skip buying another pair of plain black leggings, and look for a pair of "legging pants".

What are legging pants and how do they differ from plain leggings?

Legging pants might not be as tight as leggings, can be made of different materials like velvet or denim, are not necessarily stretchy, and will have buttons or zippers like regular pants.

Legging pants, just like draped skirts, are also more forgiving than regular leggings, since they don't have to be as tight and you can pick a style that flatters your figure.

Happy shopping!

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