August 25, 2009

Two great websites for dresses

Two websites I want to share with you:

Unique Vintage and eDress Me.

Unique Vintage is a store located in Burbank, Ca. They sell the coolest dresses at incredibly affordable prices.

Here you can find that one-of-a-kind dress for your special occasion without breaking the bank.

Their vintage collection includes flapper and pin-up dresses and even wedding gowns for under $300.

And if you buy a dress from them they will help you with period hair styles and makeup, too!

The other website for great dresses is eDressMe.

Here you can find tons of pretty dresses for under $100. And if you're looking for something fancier, they have that, too.

They mostly specialize in prom dresses, but if you're my age, and there are no more proms to go to, you can totally still buy one of these dresses!

They have many designer dresses, including my favorite, Jovani.

And they too have a wedding dresses section.

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