September 19, 2009

Tory Burch Shoes

Back in July I was debating if spending $325 on a pair of shoes while on maternity leave was a good idea. The pair of shoes in question was Tory Burch's Lillian Pump.

In the end, I decided against it, especially because the high heels didn't look like the best choice to wear while carrying my newborn around.

But, as with any object of desire, the craving never really went away...

Soooo, under completely new circumstances, I feel I am allowed to re-evaluate that old choice of not buying.

What are the new circumstances? Well, for starters, today is my Birthday!!! And I should buy myself a present, don't you think??? Yes! Thank you!

Secondly, on a sad note, I am going back to work next week, boo hoo I know... but at least that means office environment with no infants around, which means I need/can wear nice new shoes! Right?

Ok, so in re-evaluating my choice, I've actually expanded my vision and looked at other Tory Burch's shoes as well, so now I am confused! But let me show you...

The Lillian Pump that started it all!

It comes in the brown suede option I first wanted, but it also comes in the easier to match black suede, or in a gorgeous black leather with patent trim!

The stacked heel (3 3/4") is what I love about it and what scares me at the same time (might be uncomfortable?)

Price is $325

The Efren Mid Heel Pump.

It's basically the Lillian pump with a smaller heel (2"). Just as nice and probably more comfortable.

Price is $295.

The leather Amy Pump.

If I am to get a mid heel, the Amy pump is very similar to the Efren, but it has the famous Tory Burch logo.

The question is, do I want the logo or not?

Price is $250

If I want to spend even less, and get a classic, I would go for the iconic Reva Ballet Flats.

While I am not a flats person, these shoes look appealing to me, because of all the different colors they come in, and because I've heard they are pretty comfortable.

The problem is I wouldn't get the black pair that would be perfect for work, nope, I would probably get the hot pink suede one, which would be a pain to match with anything (even if I do have a hot pink suede handbag!) Price is $195

Melrose 3 Ankle Boots.

Considering winter is fast approaching, it's hard not to look at ankle boots. And I have to say that Tory Burch also has great looking ankle boots!

This Melrose 3 model is perfect! It comes with a pretty zipper in the back and a 4" heel.

But I really need a pair of shoes more than boots...

Price is $395.

Donna Lace-Up Boots.

And since I'm writing about all the Tory Burch shoes that I would love to own, let me finish with a pair that is not appropriate for the office, but that is adorable nonetheless.

These Donna boots are the perfect mix of rugged and feminine.

They have the rugged sole, but they also have a nice stacked heel.

But, let me be honest and show you what I really like about them...
that cute little logo on the back! :)

Price is too expensive ($595).

Which pair would you pick?


Soos said...

Flats are boring, Amy and Efren look more comfortable. Happy Birthday and happy wearing, whatever you choose!

Maria Paray said...

First off - wishing you a very happy birthday! :-)

Second, you know me, has to be comfortable. So I would go with the Amy/Efren AND definitely the flats.

Your Fashion Week postings have been fabulous, my apologies for not commenting much lately. I'm getting ready for my big LI Women's Expo event, beginning of October. Plus putting together a special fundraiser necklace - excited about all of it, but it's keeping me very busy!


Daisy said...

After all the hardwork you deserve a gift you have been longing for all this time. Happy Birthday!


Daisy said...

I am so in love with the Donna Lace Up boots. Initially I dismissed it off due to the price tag. Then I thought, of the pair of black boots I've had for the past 12 years. Now $600 bucks for a pair of boots is not too much to spend..............too late, I've already bought a pair of nice boots.


Ms. Deri Baby said...

I really like those brown suede shoes. And since I'm 5'9 I'm always excited when I see cute shoes under 4".

Hazel said...

hey, right now till dec1 the TB boots are 25% PLUS on top of that there's 30% off till i think the end of today?
i got the jaden boots for like 270? basically the donna boots will be under 300! but only for this weekend

Unknown said...

does anyone have a problem with the melrose boot zipper in the back of the boot. I bought mine and the zipper in the back keeps coming down as I am walking!!!