October 3, 2009

how to make your own embellished tights a la miu miu's - part 1

As I've mentioned before, I really like these embellished tights by Miu Miu.

And I had been thinking about buying them...

Nah!!! Just kidding!

I was thinking about making them myself and I figured I share the creative juices with you.

I'll split the process in two posts, this first one about ideas and materials needed for the project, and the second one, in about a week or so (I'll give us time to find all the material needed), with instructions on how to actually make the tights.

Let's start with inspiration. I was able to find more pictures (from Style.com), that will allow us to see the project from different angles, and also in different colors:

As you can see, we can go light or dark, beige or black or gray. The trick is not to use too many colors when it comes to the embellishments otherwise we end up with clown tights.

Let's say you want to go for the black tights, pick only silver and black beads.

The gray tights will also look good with silver and black beads.

The beige tights will look good in gold and bronze beads.

At least this is how I see them.

You can come up with other color combinations, and when this project is done, you can send me your pictures and I'll post them in a third post about the finished project. :)


You will need a pair of plain combed cotton tights. They need to be able to sustain sawing on them, so no nylon stocking for this project. The thicker the better. Just refer to the pictures if you have any doubts.

The fun part comes with the embellishment! ;) Here the sky is the limit. Find the beads you like and get ready to use them! I've found a lot of different stuff on Amazon!

For more sequins, beads and pearls just keep browsing the SeedBeadExplosion store on Amazon, they have pretty much every thing you need!

Stay tuned for post #2 next Saturday.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Those are ugly ladies!.
Tights and pantyhose are a good thing. This bare legged look is boring and looks silly in cooler weather.
But stick to classics and you won't have to look at photos several years from now and say,"what were we thinking?".

A leg man's opinion.