October 24, 2009

how to make your own embellished tights a la miu miu's - part 2

This post is part 2 of "How to make your own embellished tights". Click here for part 1.

Before I even start writing about my embellished tights, let me say one thing:

Not as easy as it looks!

Ok, with that out of the way, let me begin.

Material you will need:

1) Some sequins and some beads. These are the ones I ordered online. Since I was planning on working on a pair of gray tights, I bought silver embellishments.

This is a closer look at each of them. Now that I have some experience with the process, I highly suggest getting all your beads and sequins as flat as possible. I was able to use the stars, the sequins and the round wheels, but the see-through flowers ended up being too bulky, so I didn't use it.

2) Of course, you will need a pair of tights.

3) A needle and thread of appropriate color.

With no experience whatsoever, I started my project by sewing all my precious beads and sequins like a mad woman. Everywhere. Randomly.

Half way through, not surprisingly, I didn't like the result:

I wanted it to look neater than that, so I pulled all the beads off, and tried with just the sequins this time:

After I had a neater base, I started adding the little stars:

Once again, I wasn't liking the way it was looking... I kept studying Miu Miu's tights for inspiration, but it just wasn't working.

Then I tried something really ugly: in order to replicate those areas with a lot of beads, I started to sew my biggest beads one next to the other... and it looked like crap again!

By this time I was getting really frustrated, and I wished I had Miuccia Prada's phone number so that I could call her and vent my frustration with her (it was after all her fault since she created these tights...).

Not to mention the fact that to sew these little buggers on the tights I must have tried so many different methods with no clear winner:

1) With the tights worn on my left hand and sewing with my right hand. Difficult because you need two hands to sew.

2) With the tights loose on the table. Difficult because you risk sewing the tights shut.

3) With the tights on. Better because you can use both hands, but a bitch after 10 minutes because you get such a backache from bending forward to sew on your shins.

So after about 2 hours I gave up. I gave up because I realized that despite my best efforts, it was never going to look good and for two main reasons:

- I didn't have the right embellishments

- I mistakenly thought that those areas with a lot of embellishments were just many single sequins and beads put next to each others. Instead, after really looking at it, I realized that those were appliques sewn in. Much easier if you ask me.

I will need to find all the right material before I even attempt going at it again. And maybe, one day, I will write the final chapter on these tights, because I don't think I am done with them (I am stubborn like that!)

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Faye said...

Oh my God what a brill idea! They look awesome already! I think I am going to be spending next weekend doing this!