October 30, 2009

Limelight Marketplace

I used to love the Limelight! I can't believe they're turning it into a shopping center!


The brainchild of fashion retailer Jack Menashe, the historic 163-year-old venue in Manhattan’s Flatiron district will transform into a three-story shopper’s paradise.

Inspired by the U.K.’s Covent Garden, Dover Street Market and Burlington Arcade, the Limelight Marketplace will display traditional elegance with a modern twist, showcasing a fantastic “street of shops” with elaborate facades and varied designs that invoke the feeling of a stroll down a marvelous European street.

“Limelight Marketplace delivers an innovative shopping experience for customers who have ‘seen it all’ – and an unprecedented opportunity for visionary merchants.” said President Jack Menashe. “Our plan offers something for everyone – with high end fashion, unique artwork and home d├ęcor, a candy shop that would impress Willy Wonka himself, and an organic market - offering an unprecedented opportunity for visionary merchants across the board.”

Manhattan’s landmark Episcopal Church turned legendary nightclub will open its doors once again this spring reborn as Flatiron’s shopping haven. An unparalleled midtown retail experience, Limelight Marketplace will bring new life to the 6th Avenue stretch of the historic Ladies Mile district, creating hundreds of jobs by housing over 60 shops from the “who’s who” in New York City’s eclectic worlds of fashion, accessories, food, design, art, beauty and more. A premier shopping destination, Limelight Marketplace will house an exceptional scope of retailers where uptown merges with downtown, and street meets luxury.

Menashe commissioned renowned designer James Mansour to create a space that responds to midtown’s desire for a convenient one-stop destination where social interaction meets a unique, fashion-forward shopping experience.

The Limelight Marketplace will house independent jewelry designers on one floor, a cutting edge apothecary around the corner, a street-smart boutique for NYC’s “skater” culture, and a level of classic and organic cuisine that will attract both new business and consumers alike.

The Limelight Marketplace will welcome innovative retailers and entrepreneurs at a fraction of the cost of a street-front address, providing a turn-key solution to startups and established brands looking for a presence in the New York City retail market. Reducing start-up and maintenance costs for boutique brands through a unique in-house business model, Limelight Marketplace will supply participants with state of the art POS systems, technology, store build-out and maintenance support, branded materials, and marketing, PR and visual merchandising services.

Locals will also be able to pick up ingredients for organic cooking or dine-in at one of Limelight’s restaurants, purchase a last-minute gift, unwind at the salon or check out work from up-and-coming artists in the same place where visitors can discover the most compelling elements of Manhattan, all under one historic roof.

Limelight Marketplace is located at 656 Avenue of the Americas, and will be open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m



Marie said...

OMG - I used to go dancing at the Limelight back in the day. That place was/is HUGE!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you are familiar with the Limelight project that I'm personally outraged about!!!!
This $16M + property redevelopment has been going on for quite sometime now. The building hosting 80 retail shoppes and salons and restaurants has NO MEANS OF ACCESS FOR HANDICAPPED PERSONS!!!! What is amazing to me is that in our day and age that property owners can get away with this atrocity. It's also very disturbing that the committed retailers can be so irresponsible.
I have a relative who is wheel chair bound since childhood so I AM SENSITIVE TO THE NEEDS OF HANDICAPPED PEOPLE.