November 21, 2009

Ann Taylor should be on your wishlist this year

This year I'm really loving Ann Taylor, and specifically the jewelry and the Tiffany colored cashmere collection. As a matter of fact, the whole store has me lusting for things... but let me show you, so that you can share in the beauty.

Every time Christmas comes around I always like to look more polished, and for me this is easier to do with winter clothes (I guess in the summer I like to be more of a free spirit). Ann Taylor is perfect to achieve this polished style:

One look I like this year is the belt on top of a cardigan. Add black skirt. Add black tights. Perfect.

An easy way to look polished is by keeping it simple. And black and white.

Finally, polished means "taking care of all your details". That means you accessorize with style, you use the right belt for the pants, the right amount of sparkle on your wrists and neck, so that everything comes together in an harmonious picture.

Now, if you really want to look polished, come take a look at Ann Taylor's jewelry line...

How can you wear this and not feel instantly more polished??? It is so pretty, but also a little intimidating because you really need to know how to pull it off.

Here is another pretty necklace. At first you might think you can only wear something like this for a party, but if you keep the rest of the outfit simple, you could wear this every day. With a crew neck black cashmere sweater, for example.

Plenty of pearls to choose from!

Gorgeous bangles to stack up

or wear alone

And last but not least, cashmere in the prettiest color!

And until November 22nd, enter code FRIENDS at checkout to receive 30% off your entire purchase!

Don't forget to add Ann Taylor to your wishlist this year! But only if you want to look more polished, of course!

(I promise I won't use the word "polished" for at least 10 future posts)


Anonymous said...

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Daisy said...

Love the polished, sophiscated look of the Ann Taylor models. I must say I would not have been able to put together the pieces of clothing, tights, etc. just right. The baubles are so pretty. I love them. I am such a girl it's ALMOST embarassing. Pearls are beautiful, although they evoke images of June Cleever, and gasp, Barbara Bush.