November 28, 2009

the coziest shirt of all

When I was 15 years old, back in Italy, I owned a beautiful red and white plaid flannel shirt. Oh, how I loved that shirt! It fit just right, and the colors looked great on me. I used to get compliments all the time, and I always wore it with pride.

Now, there was this frenemy of mine, this girl that always wanted to know where I bought this and where I bought that so that she could go and get those things for herself, that kept asking me where I got my gorgeous plaid shirt.

One thing I like to be is original, and with the exception of my little baby girl, I never liked to wear matching clothes with anyone else. So I couldn't tell her where I got the shirt.

Unfortunately, she scoured every store in town until she found it. And the day came when we both wore the shirt at the same time: she was happy that we matched; I never wore the shirt again.

It's been 20 years or so now and I occasionally think about that shirt, so this year, since a lot of my favorite stores are carrying plaid shirts, I know I'll end up buying one.

The funniest thing is, I've re-met my frenemy on Facebook, and while looking through her pictures I almost fell off my chair! There is one picture where she is wearing what looks like our old beloved red plaid shirt! I can't believe she still has it and wears it! That was a great shirt...


Daisy said...

I've taken to wearing plaid. I bought a long red and white plaid skirt, in addition to a short one. They are both lovely and I received compliments on them. I have always liked plaid. One of my favorite tv characters, Det Mike Logan (Chris Noth) of Law and Order frequently wears tartan ties. I've always enjoyed them.

As for the "frenemy" She sounds like she is an admirer of your fashion style and somewhat envious of it. I personally do not have frenemies, a few have come close, but I boot them out of my life quickly, and amen. I can't get enough of friendships, but the "F" ones, (read it anyway you like, I can live without.



Daisy said...

When you got home, did you launch into a rant resembling the following:

"Honey, you wouldn't believe what that heifer Medea wore today. She copied my style and DARED come to work wearing the exact same plaid shirt! Now I look fine in that shirt. That look is MINE. That shirt is meant for female homo sapiens like me. It was not meant to come in size XXXXXXXXXLarge. That is not a shirt, it is a tent for camping boy scouts for the pupose of shielding them from the ravages of nature. We must nurture the future generation of this country. Now isn't that right?

Back to the shirt, that Medea, the one with the marks from a most unfortunate case of childhood chicken pox, must been out of her mind if she thinks I am going to stand for this. I am gonna whup her butt, if not literally than figurally. I'm gonna tell her to shop at the most tastless clothing stores. Honey, HONEY!?, are you listening to me?


NY Spender said...

Dear Daisy,
as usual, you crack me up!
The rant was similar to that with the following substitutons:
1. It wasn't at work that she cramped my style, but at the local hangout (we were 15)
2. She wasn't big, but she definitely was short. She "couldn't ride the grownups rides" short. So, just like you said, she totally killed the shirt.
3. Honey wasn't a guy. It was more like 3 girlfriends listening to me and not really getting why I was so upset. And they were all wearing matching pastel corduroy overalls.