November 18, 2009

reader's question: wrist watch

Dear NY Spender,
I was putting together my Christmas wish list this afternoon for the hubby and realized that I needed your guidance. It has been about five years since I've owned a wrist watch and believe most individuals rely on their hand held devices to inform them of the time. So, is a wrist watch a do or don't for an office type setting job? If it is a do, any suggestions under $100?

Your #1 CA Fan

Yes, yes, yes!
Sure, a wrist watch is definitely a do! Why would it be a don't, especially in an office environment? You need to make sure you know when five o'clock comes around so that you can get out of there not a minute too late! ;)

For under $100 I immediately think about Swatch watches: the selection is huge, and the different styles should be able to accommodate your taste. But let me show you some examples:

This is BE FOUND, it has a very classic look and it only costs $90!

For a more modern twist you can try ENTANGLED SHINE, for $110.

For a more whimsical look, you can wear something like NIGHT-BLOOM at $110.

And finally, for something more heavy metal, you can go with what's on my wrist right now, the CIEL CLAIR VIOLET for $110.

But don't let me spoil the surprise for you, here is a link to the Swatch store
Have fun and let me know if you find something you like.


Anonymous said...

Good call on that night bloom watch

I love unique watches, and that looks great!

Style on a String ..because style has nothing to do with money.

SFWrslnMom said...

Thank you, NYSpender! Be Found and Entangled Shine have been added to the wish list.

Daisy said...

The watches are beautiful. If I could pick only one I would go for the "Entangled."