November 12, 2009

Tory Burch eye wear preview

Yesterday I had the pleasure to preview Tory Burch's new sunglasses collection directly in her store in the Meat Packing District here in New York.

If you read my previous post, I had promised myself to accessorize more, so window shopping for some sunglasses was the perfect way to spend my Wednesday evening!

Her collection includes oversized square models in brown but also in the more colorful teal/grey:

which looked great with my blue coat!

Oversized round in different colors and styles, and I loved the tortoise ones.

which were gracefully modeled for NY Spender's readers by one of Tory's exquisite sales representative.

The classic cat eye, which is probably my favorite Tory model of all, because of its simple shape, and the fact that the "cat" part is not overly accentuated. And I love the placement of the logo on the hinges.

The universally-flattering aviators in many different colors and styles.

And the more glamorous shield sunglasses!

Which looked pretty interesting on me...

You can check out the complete eye wear line at

I also got to meet Tory Burch (such a nice person!!!) and chat with her a little, which was the highlight of the evening for me!

NY Spender: Tory, I would like to start with a question/request from one of my readers, Christiane: "I love Tory's handbags, but I need more color options! When looking for a neutral colored handbag, black seems the only choice since the browns have more of an orange tint, and the purple, well, it's purple! How about a gray handbag?"
Tory Burch: The handbags are our current focus point. We are planning on expanding the line and we have finally hired a professional "handbag designer". As for the gray, it is usually not a great seller when it comes to handbags, but you will definitely see more choices in the near future.

NYS: Thank you! As for your line in general, what I love about it, it's the fact that it is luxurious yet still attainable (read affordable). My blog likes to focus on such collections, the ones my readers and I can dream about but that we can also eventually own. Will you keep it that way?

TB: Absolutely! I completely understand and identify because I don't like to spend thousands of dollars on an item that you will only wear a few times and that might go out of style next year! Every so often my line will have a one-of-a-kind piece that will feature more expensive materials and that will obviously cost more, but as for the overall collection, the prices will always stay in this range.

NYS: That's good to hear! Before one last question, one compliment: I love your flats! I never used to look at flats before, but after your flats came out, I now find myself wanting them in every color!

TB: Thank you! I wear flats too now!

NYS: Your logo is so interesting, I have blogged about how I think there must be a spell associated with it, because the more I look at it the more I want it. How did you come up with it?

TB: I didn't design the logo. I had a professional logo designer submit about 30 different designs to me, and this was the first and only one I looked at.

NYS: But I've also noticed that a lot of new shoes don't have the logo on them but different buckles and sometimes nothing at all. Is there are particular reason for that?

TB: Yes. Not everyone likes to display logos on their shoes or clothes, so I wanted to have different options for different people. As we move forward, you will see the logo a little less, for example, we'll have something similar to this cardigan I am wearing but with logo-less buttons.

If you are wondering about the cardigan Tory is talking about, it's the one she is wearing in this picture below, the one with the Spender in it!!! ;)

And as I was getting ready to leave the event, I was told that I could pick a pair of sunglasses as a gift from Tory (I picked the oversized round)! A great night overall! :)


Maria Paray said...

Very cool. Nice interview - and she is right, there are some of us out here who don't want to be plastered with logos, LOL.

I do like her flats - shades aren't bad, either!

Dee said...

I'm jealous!! You got free sunglasses :D lucky you!! I love her flats too!

Spender, you should blog more often :)

NY Spender said...

I know Dee!!! I'll try to blog more, but as you will soon see,a newborn will need ALL of your attention...

女に生れて来たからには!! said...
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