December 19, 2009

Stocking Stuffer: Fingerless Gloves!

Ok, I think it's been long enough (hmm, about 20 years) since I last wore fingerless gloves, and this year is the perfect year to start wearing them again.


Well, for starters, because they are in style again, which means you can find a pair in a color or pattern you like. And also, because they are really cute!

But not every fingerless glove is perfect for everyone. I think your gloves taste and needs evolve with age, especially when it comes to fingerless.

Way back in 1988, for example, I would have gone for something like this: edgy and cool!

Today, I am more into quality and practicality, so I would choose something warm like wool or cashmere and with a fold-over cap in case I get too cold. And Juicy Couture has some very pretty ones!

Gorgeous in pink, and they also come in purple and in white!

These look so cozy and warm!

The buttons add a touch of simple elegance.

Whatever your taste, 'tis the season you'll find the perfect pair for you and the perfect present for someone on your list! :)

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