December 20, 2009

fashion success: green coat


You don't need to wear a black coat all the time. And not even a brown coat. Nor a gray one.

You can wear a green coat and look great.

Like this lady in the picture.

See how she stands out in the crowd?

The trick to make something like this work is to keep all the other colors muted. Even better if it's the same color allover.

In her case, she wore black pants, black shoes, a black bag, and black gloves. It also helped that she had beautiful black hair.


Anonymous said...

The problem is FINDING that gorgeously coloured coat

I'm leaning towards plums and blues for some reason

Style on a String :: Because style has nothing to do with money.

NY Spender said...

And I can't stop wearing purple (started when I was pregnant)! :)

directory said...

I found a cute green peacoat at Old Navy! It's beautiful.

Daisy said...

Good to see a fashion success featured! Great green coat. My aunt always said green goes well with black. Here's proof it's true.

I am long used to listening to Christmas carols with the air conditioning on. Hope the New Englanders are not having too difficult of a time with the snow storm. Where are my lost, decade long pals? Wacky friends, that is.

Merry Christmas to all. May the New Year bring happiness to you, in its myriad forms.