December 9, 2009

great gift idea: victoria's secret pajama set

I recently bought myself this pajama set from Victoria's Secret.
Yes, in this exact color. :)

It is soooo comfortable. I love it!

But there's more to this story...

Back when I placed my order, there was a promotion to get matching slippers for free.

Free is always good!

But I wasn't too sure about these funny looking slippers because I didn't really want to look like an elf, you know?

But, like I've said, free is good, so I added them to the order.

A few days later I received my order and holy crap! These slippers are awesome! They are soooo comfortable and adorable! I love looking like a little elf and quietly gliding around the house in these soft things!

Unfortunately the promotion is over, but I can tell you that I am planning on buying a new pajama (in a different color) and I know I will spend the extra $20 to get the matching slippers.

I think this makes for a great gift, especially if you give the slippers, too! ;)



Retrodiva said...

I have these too! Love them. And the best part is absolutely how comfortable they are. I don't have the slippers, though. I might have to grab those before they are gone.

Daisy said...

I purchased pajamas for PJgram or some such brand online. I bought family sets for both my cousins, husbands, and their tots. I received them today. While I like them I was thinking that I need a pair of decent PJs too. Now I know where to order. Thanks!