December 11, 2009

i think i have my holiday party dress

Where did this year go???

Ah yes, I had my precious baby! :)

Which means most of my time is dedicated to her. And very little room is left in my brain for info not related to her.

Like the fact that my company's Holiday party is next Friday.

And that I don't have a new dress for it.

And that is soooo not me!

Well, in my mind I already had an idea of what I wanted: something in an unusual color, preferable purple, and in a one-shoulder style.

But these days I prefer to spend my money on baby dresses more than on mine, so when I found out about Rent The, which, supposedly, rents A-list designer dresses, I was thrilled.

In the back of my head I figured that I could look there if I couldn't find anything at the store.

But when I went to their website and I tried to sign up I got this message:

Thank you for joining our wait list. To guarantee that our customers get the best possible experience, we have to limit the number of memberships. But we’ll get you in—and into one of our dresses—as soon as possible.

Not much help, especially when I need a dress NOW.
But I believe things always happen for a reason, and considering I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a new dress, and the fact that I really don't have any time left to find the dress, I am forced to wear something that's already in my closet.
And that could be the dress I wore to my baby's Christening. I only wore it once. Nobody in my company has seen it. And it's purple!
I believe we have a winner!!! :)
No, it's not the dress from the picture, that one is from

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