June 28, 2009

little spender is here! :)

Kaitlin Isabella (1 day old)

June 26, 2009

water water everywhere!

5:00 AM

Wish me Luck! :)

June 23, 2009

today is national pink day

I didn't know that National Pink Day existed, and I am not even sure why it exists... but, I am glad that it does! :)

So what does one do on Pink Day? I would think wear something pink. Or at least waste some time on the internet looking for cool pink things to share on her blog! ;)

One thing is for sure: expecting a little girl fills your house up with more pink things that you could ever want or need (as testified by the last picture below...).

Enjoy Pink Day!

June 17, 2009

could you wear the same thing over and over?

I've always been fascinated by Steve Jobs' approach to fashion:

He always dresses with a black turtleneck, jeans and sneakers. It's his uniform. I guess it's his way of saying that he just can't be bothered with picking clothes before heading out of the house. Or, it could be that he really loves this clothing combination, thinks that it looks great on him and doesn't see a reason not to wear it over and over and over again.

I've found myself thinking "could I come up with my own uniform?" many times.

Wearing the same stuff every day would definitely help streamline my closet and spend less money on clothes. But would it make me as happy as my closet full of different choices makes me now?

I don't think so.

I like change, and my taste changes without me even realizing it sometimes. So there is no way I could wear the same stuff for too long.

But here is someone that is trying something along these lines:

Meet the girl (not sure what her name is) from The Uniform Project. Started as a fundraising blog, she has pledged to wear the same dress 365 days in a row (it's really 7 dresses). Of course, she tries to accessorize it differently so that she doesn't look like she's wearing the same thing every day.

It's a very cute idea, and she does a great job at accessorizing it, sometime to extremes, where you can't see the little black dress anymore.

The Uniform Project is obviously very different from the Steve Jobs uniform.

This girl wakes up and still has to think about what to wear. It actually might take her even more than usual, considering she needs to include the dress and she has to make sure that it's not going to look like anything else she has already worn before.

Plus, even though it starts from the "uniform" idea, which to me should also mean "more economical" way of dressing, once you take a look at her site, you'll quickly realize that she is not saving any money, and all those "accessories" are definitely expensive, and take a lot of room in the closet (so no closet clean-up either).

While her blog is pretty cool, and you can get some inspiration on how to spice up the same outfit on different days, it just proves me right: it's impossible for a girl to wear the same thing over and over again!!! ;)

June 11, 2009

fashion disaster: arm accessories

Holy Crap!

Wouldn't you feel a tiny bit weird walking around with such a big plastic bag wrapped around your shoulder?

I know that if it were up to it, the Louis Vuitton bag would much rather end up in Chinatown than spend one more minute hanging from the same arm as that huge white plastic thing.

Or being mis-matched with the checkered coat.

It's just not easy being an LV...

June 3, 2009

baby-g by casio

Because of Lady Gaga and her wacky style, now Casio thinks it can come back with those bulky watches from the 80s and make them stylish this time around...

Here you see Miss Gaga wearing this bright rubbery yellow Casio that is a bit harsh on the eyes. Oh so yellow!

But for some weird reason, the more I look at the watch, the more I like it.

So I figured there should be no harm in finding out if there are any other colors available, maybe a bit less bright?

See this watch is a smaller version of the original G-Shock watch by Casio, and it has the cutest name in the world: Baby-G by Casio.

Knowing that I was stepping in dangerous territory, I decided to see if there was a website dedicated to the Baby-Gs... and of course there is one!


Oh yes! They have pink Baby-Gs!!! And it looks like they all cost between $79 and $99, which makes it pretty much impossible not to go ahead and buy one. It's just a matter of picking one now...

June 1, 2009

axe hair products giveaway

This week's contest is a first for NY Spender, since our target is going to be GUYS!

OMG, what do we know about guys??? Here we're all about handbags and makeup!

Well, fortunately, I know a few of them, and so I was able to use them as test-subjects! ;)

The products we are reviewing and giving away are from AXE, and their new line of shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products.

I had my boyfriend try the "Just Clean" shampoo, since he's very low maintenance when it comes to beauty products and I gave my brother the "Just Soft" conditioner and the "Clean Cut Look" pomade, since he has to work a bit harder to get his hair to look just the way he likes.

Of course, since these are guys, I didn't expect too much from their reviews. I was just going to settle for thumbs up or thumbs down. And thumbs up it was! :)

They were happy with the products and also with the scents. Considering Axe has always been a deodorant line before anything else, it makes sense that particular attention has been given to the olfactory system.

Visit their website Axe Hair Crisis Relief to discover how AXE Hair is on a mission to help guys get the kind of hair that girls love, but they can’t do it alone.

Then come back here and share what your guy needs to get better hair in the comments below and you’ll be entered to win:

The Prizes
Grand Prize: A pair of AXE Hair Products (one full-size shampoo and one styling product)

Runner-ups (two): One mini pack containing a travel size AXE DUAL: 2 IN 1Shampoo and AXE PRIMED: Just Clean Shampoo

Thank you to the AXE Hair team at Zocalo for providing product for this great giveaway!

The giveaway ends Thursday, June 4th at 5PM EST.

Good Luck! :)

****************WINNERS UPDATE

The winner of the Grand Prize is: Rachael Williams!!!

The two runner-ups are: LegallyBoston & amyd29!!!

Congratulations! Please get in touch with me with your mailing addresses so I can ship you the goodies! :)