January 7, 2010

a happy trench coat for a change

Is it just me, or trench coats have a tendency to be boring?

I understand they have to deal with gray and rainy weather, and that can put a damper on anybody, but c'mon!

Why is the standard color for trench coats tan? Or khaki if you prefer. Why this non-color preference?

Do you know what happens when I wear a khaki trench coat? Thanks to my pale complexion, I disappear!

So what are my other options if I want to buy a trench coat? Bright yellow! Oh, yes, that's much better!

Sure, there is always the safe bet of a black trench coat, but where is the fun in that?

Considering we think about buying a trench coat for Spring time, and considering it is supposed to mark the end of the cold Winter months and the much anticipated return of fun Spring that will then lead to the happy Summer, then I believe the trench coat should be more representative of this transition, and should come in much happier colors than khaki.

Like this one from Bebe.

Why does it have to be so difficult finding a colorful (and tasteful) trench coat?

So far this is my favorite one, only because it is the only one I've found in such delicate and pretty colors, and at the great price of $79.00!

Anybody out there know of any other pretty ones?


Twisted Tina said...

This is so funny, because I was JUST having the same discussion about the standard tan trench!! There must be some historical reason. Great minds think alike. And that beautiful one is a MUST-HAVE! Thanks for the post!

Anny said...

I have a red trench and umbrella because I love rainy days :D

It took me a while to find it though so good luck on your search!