January 4, 2010

ringing in the new year with two new products

As part of my resolution to start taking better care of my "new mom self", and thanks to some Christmas gift certificates, I recently bought myself two products I've been wanting to try:

Nars Makeup Primer

The last decade saw many beauty breakthroughs, and one of my favorite ones was the makeup primer.

Some women don't really need a primer, as their skin is perfectly hydrated and flawless. Some other women like me were jumping from joy the day they discovered primers on the beauty market!
See my skin is far from flawless and with age is only getting worse, thanks to dryness and blotchiness.

What a primer does is create a first invisible layer between your skin and makeup (usually the foundation). This layer makes your skin softer and silkier than what your skin would feel like without the primer. And the makeup goes on more evenly and nobody will ever be able to tell that you're wearing a primer.

Since the first introduction of face primers, they have come up with some other primers a bit more useless in my opinion, like eyeshadow primer, eyelashes primer, and lip primer.

I don't think I would care much about these other primers, but I will always use a face primer.

The first primer that made beauty history and that is still a best seller is the Smashbox face primer and it was the first and only primer I had ever used. It works great as it leaves a silicone-like film on your face making it feel so smooth to the touch.

I ran into a problem with it when I switched my foundation from Clinique to Chanel. The Smashbox primer seemed to clash with the Chanel foundation, meaning it would make it clump.
So I stopped using the primer and eventually I stopped using the Chanel foundation too, as it was crazy expensive.

For a while I haven't used a primer (especially while I was pregnant, I stopped using a lot of products, but now I feel I can start using them again).

But thanks to the holidays I had a gift certificate that I could spend on beauty products and I decided to try a different primer: Nars.

I was happy to discover that it is a better match for me since it's not a silicone film but more of a light moisturizer that creates that smooth barrier without feeling too "silicony". And it's supposed to be good for your skin too, plus it has SPF. And it works great with my L'Oreal foundation! I feel this is the beginning of a long relationship with NARS' primer...

Soft Clean Moisture Rich Foaming Cleanser (Dry Skin)

The second product I bought, and that I'm loving so far, is this Soft Clean cleanser from Estee Lauder.

It's a moisturizer slash cleanser that you use to take off makeup.

And while the instructions say to apply and then take off with tissues, so that the moisture will stay on your skin, I find that I wouldn't feel clean like that, so I rinse it off with water, and it still leaves my skin pretty hydrated!

What I also love about it is the scent. It smells so good. It makes me look forward to using it at night before going to bed, and I can use the motivation factor.

So far 2010 is looking, and smelling, pretty good on the makeup front! :)

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FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...

I too am looking for a primer

I liked Smashbox a LOT but it made my minerals flake and clump a bit

I'll try a sample of NARS if I can, and Korres and B.E. :)